Ways to relax in college?

Okay so I'm stressing a lot at college and need any advice to relax before I lose my shit.

Basically, it's cost. Since the American government is oh, so gracious and loves our college students, I am beyond broke and happily enjoying the struggles of paying for college.

Now I have a real problem: Actually paying for it!

To make it short: I'm $1,000 short and took out all the loans (that includes the unsubsidized loan that's making me worry so damn much). I can't afford this and this is only my first semester! I haven't even really gotta into my major, hell I gotta think about grad school!

Everyone saying: Just work a full-time job, drop out, make some money, go back.

Yeah, that's cute and all but I'll be right back where I'm at now eventually so it'll just be a waste of time and money trying to find a place to stay and work back home. And trust me: They won't hire me. I spent my entire summer working at a temp company cause nobody wanted to hire me, despite just graduating high school and being able to work full time. Hell, I couldn't find a part-time job for the past 2yrs I've lived there. I fucking applied damn near everywhere.

But that's back home, which is why I refuse to take my ass back there.

So my problem is just affording college. I can't even get a second job because the places that hire for those with little experience are places looking for delivery drivers (they hire students needing an extra job for a few hrs). Yet, I can't find a car so that's not an option. I'm stressed out, I'm gaining weight (which NEVER happens because of my metabolism), I can't find motivation to work out or go out some days, and my depression is getting worse and my anxiety, which has never been a problem before, is making me sit up crying at night cause I have NO clue what to do.

So if you have any damn suggestions, please help me cause I'm losing it.

Anonymous reminded me that community college is NOT an option. They don't have the pre-professional degree I need.


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  • College is a fucking scam, a fact I only came to realize well into my third year at university. Years of hard work and effort for a measly piece of paper saying you know how to jump through hoops/can take it up the ass long enough for other people to reap the benefits. And once you get that degree all you have is an incredibly expensive piece of paper and a $30,000+ hole in the ground.

    I've spent a majority of my college years grinding through pointless courses that are "required" yet have no bearing on my intended career or even the classes that require them. All so I have to spend more of my life paying the college for basically wasting my time. I'm literally digging myself deeper into debt because someone thinks they know what's best for me, despite clearly not having my best interests at heart.

    I don't disagree when people say an education is important, it's always a good idea to learn new things and expand your horizons. But a majority of the people who encourage college are either working for a college to get a sweet slice of that pie, or are parents who have been tricked into thinking it's the next best step in their children's lives.

    Honestly, I'd recommend just dropping out, because I'm damn near close to doing it myself. Education shouldn't be so horribly overpriced, nor should it be treated like a business. Especially when it's so damn important. Find a job and work your way up to a better position. You get work experience, which a ton of jobs look for and you don't end up getting crushed under a ton of debt for "doing the right thing."

    Then, if/when you are more financially stable, you can consider taking a few classes for shits and giggles.

  • Go to a community college and earn your associates degree while working part time over the 2 to 3 years you will be there.

    • I looked there first, to be honest. That seems to be a waste of money cause I still gotta go to the university to get my pre-professional degree.