Why is it that if you are not a republican and a gun lover you are automatically a communist?

Also do republicans ever use social programs, public libraries, public streets and schools? If so are we not all commie bastards?

  • Only those "libtards" are commies. Republicans fly/use the trails in the woods to get places
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  • No commies here. There are social programs for good reason and most of society uses them
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  • it's the old fear tactic to get discredit people. Like the McCartney witch hunt in the 40s and 50s, people know that throwing the communist term out immediately changes the conversation from the issue at hand. Now you have to defend a completely different matter.

    Obviously not all commies are anti-guns. but basically it's a low blow and attempt to essentially de-rail a conversation by accusing someone of being communist simply because they disagree with you

    • Perfect answer hatters. Thanks

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  • Not a communist at all. I'm a socially liberal people and pro-guns!

    I like capitalism, and know my history well enough to know that communism doesn't work in real life implementation (but sounds good in theory).

    • Sounds like talking points from Fox news but ok.

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    • You're talking about socialism in the comments, when your question talked about communism. I'm aware they're not the same. :-P

    • It doesn't seem like it with the mini tangent about communism. Seems like you missed the point of the question. Maybe next time.

  • Leftists are whiny politically correct evasive champions of freeloaders
    Conservatives are gun toting racist xenophobic misogynistic cowboys who want the poor to stay poor so that their criminal friends on the stock exchange can fleece them

    • Ha good stuff. You hit it pretty good.

    • Lol... I'm just paraphrasing George Carlin... My hero

    • Ha me too. He was the best!

  • This is what commies (Jews) First they will grab all of your guns like they did to the Ukrainians in the jewish Bolsheviks and then they murdered 10 million Ukrainians in the 1920s and 30s
    Real jew news

  • the programs where good during the depression when they were implemented, but they were never meant to last this long. that is why social security is running out. we need to slowly wean people off of the programs and eventually end them

    • Social security is actually not a social program. Also are you suggesting we close down all public services?

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    • :(

  • The administration could fund whatever social programs they like if they didn't have to pay the Fed to print money.

  • Get a grip, man.

    • Fantastic answer. Great job.

    • Oh and not sure why you felt the need to go anon Curm.

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