Girls, Which gender do you think could better rule the world?

I know most of you will say equality is best, and I agree, that is true. BUT, just for the sake of curiousity and interest, pick a specific gender. Aliens came to Earth, told us to pick only one gender to rule the entire world or we all die. Now, who do you think would be better at doing that? Guys, or girls? You must choose. I choose girls, I think they Would do the best for the world and everyone.


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  • As BeyoncĂ© said, girls run the world :P

    • Haha, wise words. Men hold them back though, Not so much now as the rest of history, but men are afraid of what they are capable of, I think.

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    • I'm a feminist, yes. I don't believe that women should be in total control of the world obviously, but I do think it's important to have more women in higher positions of authority and a more diverse leadership.

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