Can anyone who likes country music give me an opinion on my cover?

So I'm not much of a country person but I did a cover of Jeannie C Riley's Harper Valley PTA, let me know what you think? <3

thank you guys for the sweet comments, you've made my day <3 <3 <3
If anyone would like to subscribe to my channel as well that'd be cool xx


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  • Thats you? WOW best video I have ever seen on this site gives you An A Plus

    • Aw thank you!!! <3 <3

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    • Thank you again, you're awesome <3

    • It was my pleasure. You are a Champion in the making for sure

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  • I'm not a country fan, but well done. I listened to a few of your other videos too, and you definitely have some talent. :)


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  • O my gosh! WOW! You are so good. You also have a very clear and beautiful voice. I am very impressed. A+++ :)

    • Thank you so so so much!! <3

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    • I think I have about twelve others on youtube under youtube. com/ChelseaCharlesMusic if you want to hear them! :)

    • Cool thank you. I will have a look. :)

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