Is being materialistic a part of insecurity?

I've noticed that since I've lost weight, been healthier, built up my social life and pretty much just become more secure in myself I am less concerned with "things". I used to regularly shop, in store and online and in the past got myself into a bit of credit card debt just because I would be buying things to make me happier. For that little thrill. Now however, I couldn't care less. I've lost interest in shopping and haven't even browsed online for months. I'm happy without the constant need to buy things. Has anyone else noticed this link with themselves or others? (or people who are insecure being very materialistic)


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  • Well yes of course. People who compulsively acquire things or wealth are doing so because they feel the acquisition will make them 'better' somehow. It could be simple insecurity or a desire for more status, which is really a form of insecurity.


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