Is it love or am I 'Just Obsessed'?

1) I can't stop thinking about him.
2) I smile when I think about him.
3) whenever I see him I just want to vomit, like I can't breath. I can't think anything.
4) I'm really scared.
And if you think I'm in love, can you kindly help me fall out of this.. 'Thing'?
Thank you.


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  • I would call your condition a common occurring 'infatuation' or 'love blindness'. Sometimes this proves to be fatal, it is a common decease. The majority of the patients are female. yw


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  • It is a crush

    But not love

    At least not yet. Until you get to really know him and get to like him for who he is, then it is not love.

    How can u love or be in love with someone u do not know well yet?

    • Maybe you're right.. Does love at first sight exist?

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    • no worries.. :)

    • Thank you for MHO :)

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  • i am pretty sure ''vomit'' will not be something you would o if you love someone.. and this is not necessarily ''love'' you are young.. crushes are normal.. hard crushes too.. seems like you are having it... if you can't do anything about it then just talk to new people.. try to keep yourself distracted..

    • Yes cinderelli

      I would describe being in love with someone more like feeling an amazing level of trust between the two and feeling so comfortable with him. Like he is ur home.

      At least it was like this for me, since the 1st day I met him I felt this level of connection.

      Maybe it can be different from person to person, but still to feel nervous and to want to vomit is a crush.

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    • Sorry @cinderelli

      It was my fault I did prompt her to answer under your opinion

      Sorry for the notification alert now too. I only saw ur comment after

    • @HookingSwan that's fine.. lol

  • It sounds like you're having a serious crush on someone but unfortunately I have no idea how to stop having a crush - maybe try to find a new one? Haha no, honestly I can't think of anything other than waiting it out really..

    • I don't wanna have any crushes.. I'm just so young.. I wanna enjoy my 'childhood' :(

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    • Well I hope you can get over it quickly! Crushes can be annoying :)

    • I hope the same thing..

  • Its not love it's obsession. Love is about trusting and mutual feelings.

    • How do I get rid of it?

    • I had the same problem with my first ever crush. It's like u can't ever get the confidence to talk to him and he's probably noticed that u like him. I think the best is try to get over him and find a new interest. That's what I did and I started talking to him a year after I had a crush and we are quite close now and I don't have those feelings anymore

  • You like him definitely and it is not obsession that's for sure but you can not be sure about "love" until you really know him.