When you like someone so much and they flirt with you a lot and compliment you heaps.

So you start to maybe have hope that they like you back. And you convince yourself that the only reason they're not making a move is that you're not making it known you like them.

So you start to put yourself out there. And they just seem to have lost interest.

And you sit there going over ever encounter wondering what you did wrong. And why you're only good enough to flirt with but not actually put in effort for.

Anyone else experience this? 😭😭😭 help me !!!



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  • Well, I had a similar situation when I was in college. I struck up a very strong friendship with a girl in the year above and we played that similar game for most of my yr11, until I eventually got fed up with it and just professed my feelings to her, thinking she would reciprocate... she said she didn't feel that way (even though I was sure she did), it hurt like hell for a long time. I still think about her every now and again (this happened in 2011), but i've moved on.
    Point is, just flat out tell them how you feel, I know you will be shaking, dry mouth, sweaty palms, but it may very well just pay off. And if it doesn't, then hopefully you will have cleared the air and perhaps you can continue to move forward with your friendship.
    Good luck, hope i've helped.

  • Well, I can somewhat related to that but then fuck everyone lol just be yourself and the fight people will come and stay


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