Do you have any asshole nightmare neighbor stories?

Tell me about your story of having an insane, annoying, creepy, nosey, disruptive or dickhead neighbor you had or have.

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  • i had these neighbors who used to accuse me of doing things i never did. one day i was at work and came home only to then be accused of throwing rocks at their house (i was 14 yo at the time). even when i told them i was not anywhere around the entire day they didn't believe me, fuck i was steaming now. i found out later from a guy who lived across the street that it was their own kids who did the rock throwing but do you think they could be bothered with the truth? fuck no. there were other issues with these fucks besides that, so i took action. one night when my dad was out working late and the neighbors had just left i had to take a dump. they had a car they were doing work on with a sunroof top, so i got that top opened and it was bombs away in that car, then i shut the top so you couldn't tell it had been opened. it wasn't much later that they moved and i was very happy to see them go.

    • Nice work my man nice work. Shitty ending to a lovely story.

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    • haha thanks man

    • Anytime and you better vote for Bernie!

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  • I dunno, my neighbor in my childhood home was a pretty good guy until his wife left him because she discovered she was really only into women. Then he started drinking a lot, never took care of his house/property, and had all these parties all the time. I remember on one New Year's party I could hear him on driveway shouting and slurring his words "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF HEREEEE!" and some other guy was like "Randy, calm down..." and then there was another occasion where my parents had to call the police because they could hear him getting the shit kicked out of him.

    • Aww what a shame. I hope he got his life straight.

    • I doubt it, he eventually lost his home because he NEVER paid his mortgage.

    • Damn. It's too bad.

  • ok

    my brothers dog got away from us, and ran over to our neighbors backyard (this guy is a total creep he owns like 16 cats and just gives off a disturbing vibe) the dog starts chasing the cats lmfao and we go retrieve him and apologize and this red neck pulls out a shotgun at us (I was 8 at this time)

    we called the cops on him because he was ready to shoot and the cops "calmed" the situation down

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