My roommates are rude. How do I cope?

They steal from me, play their music too loud, argue, etc. It is annoying! I can not concentrate on my school work and I told my mom I hope she is happy I got an F on my test.
I am already upset our roommate stole my shirt and she did not confront them. I do not even like school I am sick of it. I am sick of everyone!


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  • the fuck do they steal? I wouldn't put up with that shit. and why do you have roommates at the age of 15? curious. anyways fucking tell them to fuck off. if they don't listen then beat em up

    • My mom pays rent. I KNOW RIGHT? I saw the guy that stole our food yesterday and he tried to say hi. I rolled my eyes. I am sickof these peices of shit!

    • put a lock on the pantry 😂

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  • You should complaint to the authority. Ask them to change your room.


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  • can you just move?

    • I already move around too much. I never stay in the same place for too long.

    • yeah but this situation is a terrible place and aside from confrontation I don't see how you'd be able to resolve the matter

  • Complain about them and ask the responsible people to have you moved to another room.


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