Why are people so touchy with me?

Is it possible to come off as a person that likes to be touched lol? I notice at work a lot of the guys get really touchy with me, they hold my waste, rub my back, poke my tummy, literally pick me up (I'm pretty petite so it's easy) it's insane. I always have this problem at work. Even my new manager does this, he rubs my back and one time gave me a hug. I've literally never touched him or have gotten close to him besides that hug. He also always gets me free food from work (we work at a restaurant) he says it's for everyone but asks me what I want and how I want it and only listens to me and everyone's always whispering what they want to me so I can tell him and we get it. I had this problem with this other guy that was always super touchy and I always told him to stop and one day he tried picking me up from my waist and I yelled at him and pushed him away, after that we never talked and just recently we started being cool again and yesterday he kept poking my belly and my waist. Then there was this other guy who would always hug me but put his face on my face and it disgusted me and he would hold me tight since I'd try getting away. He knows I hate it but thinks it's funny so he does it sometimes, he says he just finds me so cute (I think tiny wise not literally, his girlfriend works with us) and he'd made inappropriate jokes about what it would be like if we "fucked" since I don't like to he touched. Anyways, I won't talk about all my coworkers. I'm curious could I be sending off a message or something? I'm always touching people's shoulders, like I'll laugh at a joke and touch someone's shoulder. Its not just with guys it's with everyone lol


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  • They find you attractive and you don't command enough respect for them to respect the boundaries.

  • baby, baby, baby
    touch me , touch me , touch me
    show me , show me , show me
    The way to your heart ♥😜😂 lol jk
    I don't know what's the reason behind it they might like you I guess
    I've never touched anyone like that 😶

  • You are probably attractive and dress to accent that, but you also probably give off a vibe where they think it's ok to treat you like that. You have to demand respect. Everyone does at some point... regardless of gender.

    • I wear jeans and loose shirts to cover my skinny self. I highly doubt it's the way I dress. Probably do give off that vibe, ugh

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