Women what do you bring to a relationship?

I've heard other questions like this and the ONLY answers from women were usually "support". i'm asking this question response to this question. https://www.girlsaskguys.com/guys-behavior/q1669450-guys-what-do-you-bring-to-a-relationship


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  • Well my boyfriend and I make money together, we both raise our daughter, we both cook, we both do laundry.
    soooo. I'm not sure what I bring honestly. lolol


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  • at our age they bring baggage kids and a torn up vagina


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  • I think that people are completely missing the point of being in a relationship? A relationship isn't about what you can get off the other person. It is about sharing your life together and enjoying life together and if you wish raising a family together.

    In our days both women and men tend to be independent people, but you can both be independent and have a happy relationship.

    I think it is actually kind of sad that a person can look at someone and only think what can I get from them if we are in a relationship.

    However I am not naive I do realise certain things are needed from each party to make a relationship work for example financial stability makes a relationship easier as there are less stresses, but that doesn't mean if my guy lost his job that I'd leave him as he was no longer of use to me.

    At the end of the day whoever you are in a relationship with they should bring happiness to your life and you should do the same for them. At least that is what I think.


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