Can someone help me out with my voice?

Hello! Im having problems with my voice. I have a very deep voice but sometimes it completly dissapears and then i end up sounding like i have a cold. It usually happens when im training or when i am outside. When im at home talking to people i sound ok so i would like to keep that voice throw out the day! If anyone have any tips or tricks please let me know. Thank you!

Excuse my poor English.


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  • I think it's simply that phase where the voice goes from childish-to-deep still hasn't ended for you. My voice cracks stopped some time ago but very rarely they do appear like out of fucking nowhere. A trick I picked up is to periodically do a small cough or simply use your voice. Like once in a while when no one's around. Maybe when you're walking down the road, quickly cough and use your voice for that. Basically just make sure you don't stay completely quiet for too long.

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