Was this racist to you or am I overreacting?

i went to a dietician recommended by my doctor to lose weight.
i went to the appointment. The lady was white. She seemed pleasant but a surprised look to see that I was black. Anyway she gave me brochures on healthy eating, an weight loss.
I left but I got lost so I went back to her office I saw her scrubbing the side of the desk where I was sitting. She looked like she was caught. She showed me the exit. But I left feeling like she cleaned the area because I was dirty and black. The side of town where the hospital is at isn't too black friendly. I had a racist doctor from the same hospital before. I don't think I'll go back for my follow up.


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  • You could consider giving her one more change and just be vigilant for more signs of racism... just in case it was false alarm.
    Otherwise you may be thinking she's racist whereas she may be a nice person.
    Imagine that in 2 months time you ladies decide to have coffee together, than you may be happy you didn't decide too quickly :D


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  • Can't say for sure but if you were at all uncomfortable, find a different Doctor.


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  • There is 2 options.

    1) You just happened to walk in on her cleaning her desk. And, You had a racist ''Confirmation Bias'' where you just assumed something completely innocent was racist.

    2) She was a racist thundercunt and actually scrubbed her desk because you sat there, And you have every right to slap her ass and never go back.

    Take your pick matey ;)

  • She's prob just a clean freak but don't let her bring u down


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