Can you be invisible on Facebook?

Can you make your Facebook page absolutely invisible for strangers (= people you don't have any friends in common with) so that they can't find your page even if they put your name in the search engine?

I have a crush on a guy and I'm trying to find his Facebook page (lol) but I just can't find him!! Actually I'm not even sure if he has Facebook at all, I'm just assuming he does. I found all of his coworkers and I even went through their friend lists - no luck! Does he most likely not have Facebook or can you change your settings so that you won't show up in people's friend lists and the Facebook search?


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  • No, you can't be 100% invisible, but he may not use his correct name. When I had FB, I didn't use my corrrect name as FB is full of security and privacy issues.

    • OOPS!! Correct with 3 R's!! Original...

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    • Thanks for MHG!!

    • You're welcome :)

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  • There are privacy settings

    • I know but still I'm not sure whether you can be 100% invisible?

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    • This has been the most helpful piece of advice in a looong time, thank you :)

    • You're welcome and good luck

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