Why has it seemingly become almost taboo to say that you are in favour of helping/accepting Syrian refugees?

So considering i may have lost 1 or 2 friends here over this issue recently, i thought I'd ask the question here just out of curiosity. I follow the news (typically online) very often... and I've noticed that a lot of people are very anti-syrian, and I'm a little perplexed by this. I mean to me, it seems perfectly logical that when your country is being bombed, you would want to leave it and find a safer place to be until its all over. I've seen arguments ranging from "its not our problem" to "so many men should not be fleeing... they should stand and fight for their country"

To the first argument, my opinion is this: Beyond the obvious moral obligation, assisting in the situation may prevent the syrian crisis from becoming our problem in the future. If you know anything about how radical terrorist groups operate... the #1 way they gain new recruits is by pulling people out of these ravaged areas who have nothing left to loose. You kill a man's wife and kids, he becomes primed for mental infiltration. When people have nothing left to loose, they loose it... and that's the potential problem with just letting a bunch of syrians die in their country.

To the second argument, i find it interesting that this one comes most often from men... men who are by and large against the idea that society expects men to fight and die as soldiers the moment an armed conflict arises because we are seen as disposable. This is actually part of the reason why i don't align myself too closely with MRA and MGTOW groups, because I find that a lot of what they say is only valid as long as its convienient for them. These arguments about how men should have the choice to not fight and die are popular ones around here and elsewhere, up until the point that arguing in defence of men and their right to choose not to fight forces people to actually open their doors to men in need. That's an inconvienence, and inconvience that all too often unconvers peoples duplicit nature.

What is your view?

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  • My answer is A. People who answer B are so fucking blinded by their privilege that it almost hurts. I really hope they never have to experience war, so that they'll never know what it's like to flee for your life, leaving your family and friends behind, just to possibly drown, starve or get hunted down and beaten to death. Because nobody fucking deserves to go through any of that shit. Not even ignorant twats who happily watch as others die at war.
    Here in Finland, there was an American guy in Lahtis who thought it would be a brilliant idea to protest against taking in more refugees by putting on one of those KKK robes. Needless to say he regretted it fairly quickly and ended up saying that it was a stupid and thoughtless thing to do. Yeah, no shit. It's not even funny how moronic people become when they completely lack sympathy/empathy, and when they're so privileged that they can't even wrap their minds around the absolute HORROR these refugees are fleeing from. Just be happy that ISIS didn't behead any of your relatives and sent the head to your front door. Asswipes.

    • in Lahti* not Lahtis lol.

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    • my comment was tongue in cheek, I think you didn't understand.

    • @Jager66 it's impossible to know, strider might as well had said that in a serious way.

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  • I won't say anything about Australia since I'm not really that up to date with the country's current news etc. But I'd say about Malaysia. I voted A by the way.

    I'm all for helping people cause they are fleeing from a war in their country. They have to leave their friends and family and it's unknown if they'll ever meet again. They need support, and shelter. No one deserves to go through any of that. So yes, I'd say help them. In fact, Malaysia is already opening it's border to the refugees.

    But what I'm not really in favour of is the immigrants that fled their country due to economical problems and come to Msia and expect to be taken care of. Those immigrants that fled their country cause of its economy could actually live a life there, and their education level could give them a job too. But instead, they come here.

  • I'm in favor of the U. S. taking more Syrians. Thank you Pope Francis for getting our mayors to endorse this,

    • @Strider90 wtf dude chill

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    • Gas bombings? They were throwing rocks! They were having a goddamn siege! What are the police supposed to do, turn the other cheek?

    • There's a word of difference between immigrant and illegal immigrant.

  • See, the way i see it is that American government with a few others made it possible for IS to rise and take over in the middle east. They have bombed the place to ruins basically, and when countries are weak, they're vulnerable, and IS took advantage of that when they took over.
    Since America contributed in making it possible for IS to take over, which made the normal, innocent people flee to other countries, it IS very much also America's problem and i think it's absolutely terrible that the US is so big and so rich and they will only be accepting 10 000 refugees?

    Now my country is pretty small, we're like the size of the state New York, but we are accepting about 17 000 refugees. We have already been building big stadiums to just be able to put a roof over their heads.
    I'm proud that my country is doing this.

  • I can't believe you actually lost friends over this. Some friends huh.

    And I live in Canada, and I am totally in favour of refugees from Syria, or just any country really. I feel like its an ethical responsibility. If you read Humans of New York posts, Brandon is doing cover stories of Refuguees right now and it is so heart breaking. They aren't even treated like humans anymore. It's scary to realize how much compassion we are lacking. So many people are typing here with a value set of "Freedom" living in countries like the US and Canada, and European nations who are all privileged and stand for this notion, but are incredibly oxymoronic when it comes to real life matters like this.

    There's this huge propaganda labeling Syrian refugees as the "other"; like its "us" vs. "them" as if we are part of an entirely different breed and era watching people suffer from our television screens. It's not even anything new either. The Jews were labelled in the same way to the point of utter conformity. This isn't even a Syrian refugee crisis, its a humane crisis. There are more than enough countries that could take every single one of those people in instead of funding so much money on a pointless and conspicuous war. Did you see the video that John Oliver made on the benefits of accepting in refugees (economic and industrial expansion because thats all people seem to care about)?

    There are a lot of contrary opinions I respect in other matters. But not this one. No one is asking anyone to accept all of them, but if everyone just did one little thing to make their struggle easier it would be the least we can do for each other. Again, this is so heartbreaking.

    • I haven't seen what john oliver has been doing, but I've been following the coverage that Vice news and a few others have been doing to track their movements and its definitely pretty sad to read about peoples views on them as human beings, but given how much of an anti-social society we live in today, its not all that surprising. Many people would sooner save their pet lizard from traffic than another human being... so i didn't have high expectations that people would want to assist in this situation because the people are brown, and not atheist/christian like they are + all the ISIS hysteria has become something resembling McCarthyism... ISIS is under your doormat, in your closet, in your refrigerator, on your balcony, in your shoes, etc etc

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    • @Mesonfielde yes that s true not all arabs are muslims. I am lebsnese and I am christian (well by birth, now turning into an atheist).
      Also not all muslims are terrorists.
      You have islam and you have extremist islam.
      The islamic people fear as well the extreme party since it is no longer the true islam.
      They fear isis as much as you do. Please, ISIS is not islam, it has no religion for me.

    • @Mesonfielde ow and by the way when you watch sometimes the news, focus a bit when you see those isis peeps praying. You ll notice that sometimes they don t pray in the same direction (AKA Mecca) that s because they don t know shit about islam. Newly recruits :p

  • I think the problem is not them being refugees.

    The problems are:
    1. There are many other middle eastern citizens posing as Syrian refugees in order to get to stay in Europe for free. This is low ass behavior at its best.
    2. The refugees may sometimes behave like wild animals. Thankless and barbaric. They come from a world where everything is so different. Where women don't have rights, where men are allowed to hit women if they don't do what they say, etc. Where women are still very much oppressed. Then boom! All of a sudden they enter Germany, where the girls are liberated, can go partying in short skirts and cleavage showing, where teens are running around in hot pants and tank tops, where women smoke on the street and don't cover themselves. How do you think these narrow-minded people (who have never seen such confident, liberated women their entire lives) would think? I'm sure they would see them as something sinful, something that needs to be eradicated or to be "taught a lesson", or to not be respected. I know this because I grew up in a Muslim country. I know how close-minded and judgmental some strongly religious Muslims can be. Wearing a tanktop is already considered "sexy" and an inappropriate clothing for these people.

  • Most of them aren't even refugees. They are isis soldiers in disguise. Why do you think the other middle eastern countries didn't take them in?

  • In the UK this isn't a Muslim thing. This is a resources issue and a racist tide has been building in our country the last decade or so which seems to be throwing a lot of lies into the mix. The well-defined people are the Muslim haters, the rest of the country see them as refugees, not Muslims.

    It's a tough call, I heard an interview with a Syrian refugee living in a house he had fled to and found asylum (think it was Turkey?), but anyway. He'd been there three years and was stone broke, he was about to take his six kids back to Syria because he couldn't afford to feed them on the measly donations the people of Europe had given. Three years. I mean, how long are we expected to support people for? He's going to take his kids back because there is no more free money... there's just so much more to it than taking in people. To begin with, yes, lets get them in, but you have to understand the practical implications also. Whole towns being swamped with starving, angry people. It's scary for them. Easy for us to sit thousands of miles away and dictate the moral high ground, but it's a tough situation. No clear right or wrong.

  • I'm in favor of my country taking in a portion of the refugees fleeing Syria, but I think it should be spread out more. I think the US and Australia etc can take in a lot more instead of all going to Europe. With our system (as in if you're jobless, you'll get money from the government. It's about €900 per month and almost the highest in whole Europe), we're not as capable of taking them in as America. A lot of refugees come here to provide from our free money. Been there done that. We've seen it before with other elysium seekers.
    I would also like to say that in my country (small country with a lot of people), we simply don't have a lot of space for them.
    Though it would be hard for America to take them in since they have to make a long trip to America.
    Also think that countries like Saudi-Arabië should take in refugees.

  • Racism.

    All Muslims, are not terrorists. Saying they might be, or are, and fearmongering, doesn't make it so.

    And, you take them in now and help them, then screen them, if any turn up with terrorist links, you deal with them at that point.

    • Islam is a religion, not a race.

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    • @Mesonfielde I have a hard time taking Christianity seriously.. there is like, 32 different versions of it.

    • Yeah, but at least they are not at war with each other

  • Dude, I'm more than fine with helping those people. They need our support and help - if my country would be in that state, I'd be grateful for some helping hands too. It's only logical to do so

    Yet, there are MANY imigrants who also come over here because they're fleeing from their economy - they're not having war, they could live a stable live (since working in my country costs much more than what they usually can do because of their education - speaking of people who didn't/barely had any) -but NO - they come to us and act like they are in a huge world war and need our help. THAT is not fair, nor do I say yes to it. I am an imigrant myself, but my family went the LEGAL way in here and worked hard for their title. Those don't.

    That DOES bother me. They end up as people who need social support because they cannot get a proper job to live in a land with such high standards. It's sad but true - you cannot come over here and expect to be carried, while others had to fight to get the legal right to live here

    And for the people who are genuinely fleeing from war: we take them with open arms. But we still have our limits - NOT because we like to see them suffer, but not ALL European countries support the deed of helpig these people, ergo, we end up as the idiots when we close our doors for them, because our capacity of people has reached its limits. We cannot let them in forever, we need to find another way to clear things. Too many come over to Europe , but not all countries can carry the burden of taking them alone. Switzerland is a small land, it will have to close its wall soon, since we've taken so many that we have no more capacity on doing so.

    Other lands don't do ANYTHING. Which is simply disturbing and inhuman. But again; some don't want to push them off because of hate. We have our fears too, and they are more real and present than you think they are.

  • Well I am lebanese so I am really affected by this.
    In my country I am against it:
    . we are already in crisis and can t support ourselves. We need help and therefore can t help.
    . the political and religious situation is already unstable enough.
    . syrians already occupied our country many times (by force).
    . we have as many syrians as lebanese now and they are causing violence in the streets (robbery, rape...) they re taking our jobs because the labor is cheaper...
    . we already have palestinian refugees too who are causing a fuss. Lebanon is really too small for all of this.
    On the other hand, if we were more capable like the west countries and more in control of our situation, I would have approved of it of course. Syrians had abused us in the past so we have mixed feelings about helping them. But european countries and the states don t have this issue. Yet we have the largest number of refugees.
    Therefore I think they should accept refugees as a moral duty, they can provide for them better than we can.
    The innocent families didn t ask to leave their homes and come abroad. I have a lot of friends who suffer from this there is also family separation etc.
    Nevertheless, western countries should help them but wisely. Like i ve heard that they are giving them nationalities there. This is bad and will ruin they re place. Syrians are syrians and when the war is done they should come back home.

  • Yeah why the fuck not? They really need the help.

  • I don't think it is. It's quite the opposite actually if you say you don't want your country to accept more refugees, you get lots of hate. It's obviously a complicated issue and one that people are passionate about, so people are bound to disagree with whatever you say

    But I think people that are against it are concerned mainly about them being muslim and there being too many of them.

    My grandparents fled the soviet union when they were young and you they always said people in the west were glad to have them. My physics teacher as well fled the soviet union (but from what was then Czechoslovakia) and he said the same, there were never any issues
    It's just a lot easier to deal with people that are more like you. Which is why a lot of people have trouble understanding why so many arabic states won't take any refugees and why syrians wouldn't want to go there. It makes sense for them to go there, its a very similar culture, they speak the same language and it's close. It's from what I know unprecedented that refugees don't go for immediate neighbors, if those are safe countries, which many of them are. And it's not something people can relate to, it doesn't make sense

    Then I think a lot of people feel they are ungrateful. There was recently an incident of major violence between Jewish and Muslim refugees, so that the government decided to house them seperatley. And understandably it's not something people want in their country, when we fought long and hard for religion not to matter

    With your last point I do agree. My grandpa recently said that he has no issue with women and children coming here but he doesn't think it's unreasonable for young men to fight for what is right in their country. And that he finds it lazy and cowardice of them to come here
    After-all you should fix the problem at the root not fix the symptoms. That's something I think a lot of people feel as well, especially the older generation. For younger people I think you're right you can't complain about them not fighting when you wouldn't do the same, it's very hypocritical

  • It's always been like this. Being non white is uncool.

  • I find it astounding that 'Americans' have the audacity to complain about refugees moving to 'their country.' Leul. Double standards much?

  • Of course I don't want women and kids not be be abused over in their country. However I feel like this will present some problems in the future. There may be a bad egg and that individual starts to plot against all Australians, or there may be inequality in certain groups. Housing and job offers may be more restricted. I don't think the government can have control over the refugees. However we have an obligation to help others.

    • "There may be..." is a worst case fallacy.

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    • Is this the 'quiet' community which the presence of 10,0000 Muslims would disturb? :

    • @jacquesvol No I was talking about an isolated and local crime in Australia. School shootings in America has been conducted by all races that has no correlation of my argument. I was merely stating the issues that arises from a diverse cultural background I did not say all Muslims are terrorists. I have had interaction with Muslim people and I found them pleasant. you are unbalanced in your thinking.

  • It's not a matter of taking in refugees. It's a matter of stopping the traffickers. No one seems to care about that which makes no sense to me. They're the reason there's such an influx of these people

  • Most people are racist, that's why.

    • oh and by the way you are allowed to have your own opinion and anyone who judges you over it isn't worthy of being your friend

  • Oh this whole thing makes me mad. We have a responsibility as humans to take gare of those that are fleeing from a war. How fucking selfish can you be that you just think it's better to let them stay and die there. I don't know how many of them are part of ISIS if any, but this almost seems like it's mote about racism than just criticism. I live in a country where most people are white. I'm mixed and even I am getting scared because many people assume I'm from somewhere else. I get dirty looks.

    • It is not a question of skin color, it is a question of culture.

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    • Yes, it should be about culture but people mix culture with skin color. Making them racist. People assume only certain looking people are immigrants and have very different attitude towards different looking immigrants. at least this is the case in Scandinavia. I shouldn't have to deal with this hate since I'm not an immigrant but I have to because I'm not white. Rather nobody should deal with this hate. It's ridiculous.

    • @Mesonfielde
      Racism is part of western culture.

  • I think the rich Arab countries should step up and do something about it. I honestly don’t want them coming here for the simple fact that some of them are psychotic ISIS members.

  • Helping them is the only option. People are so selfish these days. God forbid anything like this ever happens to their country and they need help.

  • radical terrorists are exactly why its a terrible idea to bring them here

    • real mature.

    • Radical terrorists using F35s, drones, A10s, B2s ea to destroy complete countries?

    • its not even worth time to try to explain what "radical terrorism" is. We both know what you saying is not.

  • I agree with what "Accipiter" wrote below and also want to add that the law says they should seek asylum in the first safe country they come to - they don't. Instead they are crossing country after country to get to northern Europe where they'll get on welfare!


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  • Half of the refugees in he world are fleeing wars started or fuelled by the USA.
    It seems pure logic that the USA takes its responsibility:


    Source the economist.

    • yeah that's another thing too. A lot of what's going on in syria at the moment wouldn't even be taking place if it wasn't for the U. S. honestly. This need to depose every kook dictator that opposes you, but worship the kook dictators/governments that are on your side (cough cough Bahrain... cough cough the SaudiS) is kinda getting old

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    • Edit *problems

    • Yes, but the Balkans were an issue long before Yugoslavia. The Balkans caused WW1 and almost all of Europeans conflicts in the area, which the US did not cause. Yes, we intervened very late after the UN forces literally sat back and watched people get massacred.
      @Northeast106, Ok, yes true to a point, but that was not the point I was making. The Arab Spring was not initiated by the US. Syria fell into civil war without the US intervening. Assad cracked down hard on the protesters who saw what was happening in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and knew they could fight back. Yes, we attempted to fund the rebels AFTER years of conflict in Syria. And yes, much of that is in the hands of IS or other terrorist groups. However, most of our airstrikes is not against Assad. In fact, almost none, if any, are. They are against rebels. They are against IS and other networks in the area. And to say there was never a problem in Syria before means you should take a look at their history.

  • 1/5 of those refugees are legitimate Syrian war refugees. Most of them aren't even from Syria, they are just trying to hop aboard the bandwagon to go to a country with more state welfare incentives. 74% of the refugees are military age males, all the rest are women and men of all ages, and the rest children. Already we've seen rape crimes rapidly accellerate in countries like Germany and Sweden who are taking them in massive numbers. There is lots of bitter hostility between the migrants and the locals. When you move lots of people in from a different country where misogyny and homophobia are the norm, into a country where women and homosexuals have equal rights, there will be a contrasting conflicts. Not to mention the cheap labor force will drive wages down and displace people from their jobs. And this is the kind of thing that fosters more needless racism in our world society. They say this is a humanitarian mission, I call it a bullshit divide and conquer mission.

  • If you keep up with the news as you say then you have no doubt seem their savagery and their odd way of showing thanks to the other countries that have welcomed them in. No thanks. I am not here to make friends beyond those who don't cower to the pressures of political correctness. I am not a sheep to be led by anyone , I am capable of thinking for myself and prefer it stay that way. I have not been asked what I think of the idea of allowing them refuge here and come to think of it neither was any other American

    • Did America ask their opinion before creating the chaos they flee?

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    • @jacquesvol so all this being continued is who's fault now? I can assure you of one thing , this part of the country that I live in will not sit on our hands while they come in and destroy our neighborhoods. I have no problem with a race or culture wanting to better themselves and their family , but if they think they will do it at my / my families expense they have a VERY cold awakening coming

    • The guns are loaded?

  • Seeing as how my country has effectively destabilized the Middle East for generations, I think it should take responsibility for that. So yes bring on the Syrian refugees. I say bring more than just Syrian ones.

    • i figure this will be quite an unpopular opinion, but i do see the logic in it

  • I am against their infiltration because we are not even supposed to be helping them. Not only are they outside of the EU which means Europe has nothing to do with this, these people are technically immigrants and many of them don't speak any language that would allow them to integrate into the society they want to merge into (by which I mean, take over and establish Muslim reign and Sharia law).


    It would be different if it was a bunch of atheists (or buddhists or maybe even christians (?)) who are legally allowed to cross the borders, but that is not the case. We are getting a bunch of Islamist illegal immigrants who are violent towards one another and everyone else around them punching each other in the face on trains, who are not even willing to specify their name and be registered! Many of them could easily be a part of ISIS, no one can verify that they aren't.

    I can speak English quite well, yet if I wanted to barge into Canada through the borders, people wouldn't be saying "oh the poor Hungarian" or whatever, I would just get deported!

    In fact, I would get deported exactly because of the Roma influx to Canada where they claimed they are treated horribly here, they flew out then continued stealing and violent crimes; so they deported them all back! That is exactly what we should have done here as well. Go to other Islamic countries... Oh wait, they don't want to take in any Syrians. I wonder why.

    Ask any German about the weird stuff that happens due to the given religious "minority" who have 8 kids they can't feed rather than 2 they care about, typically it involves beating people to death.

    Why should we endorse and help people who enter our culture only to destroy it from the inside? The UK has SHARIA COURTS. They demand "HALAL FOOD" in public education because they think everything they believe is saint.

    It is part of their cultural identity to disrespect Western values; why would we want to let them destroy everything that civilized society stands for? Either we need to all start making 8 kids per household, or we can say goodbye to western civilization in 50 years. Or just not let them take us over now.

    @Strider90 is right about this.

    • "I can speak English quite well, yet if I wanted to barge into Canada through the borders, people wouldn't be saying "oh the poor Hungarian" or whatever, I would just get deported!"

      ehh not if you were actually a refugee seeking asylum

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    • @lumos I can't help that they choose denial over reason or facts. I see nothing respectworthy about establishing your own courts to be outside the law just because you think your holy book is more holy than the other holy books. The best thing a Muslim can do is not follow Islam. There are many Christians who are baptized only in name, but aren't actually Christian. The scenario is similar.

      I don't see what makes you so eager to accept this belief system without questioning it. Not all beliefs are equal.

    • When did I say that I don't question it?
      Honestly, talking with you is a waste of time. I'm out. Peace.

  • The reason is simple.

    They want safety, yet insist on marching through ALL OF Europe to reach scandinavia, britain, and germany. Some of them have spent MONTHS, wandering through safe areas. They completely ignore the EU rules of immigration too in the process.

    And you wonder why the countries that are thier goal feel thawt they're opportunistic and just looking for wellfare?
    Doesn't it make you wonder? Why can't they settle in eastern europe? It's safe and there's no war. They're under UN jurisdiction, so the country is obliged to take care of them.
    so WHY do they absolutely HAVE to get to sweeden, germany, britain, denmark, norway... WHY is it so fucking important to reach those few countries? They're no safer than the rest of Europe.

    Oh right, they're wellfare states.

    Do you not see a patern here? do you not wonder why they come here?
    oh, and this might explain it all to you: funnyjunk.com/.../
    I'm sorry, but i don't particuarly feel like helping out people acting like that. I'm sorry that your home got bombed to shit, but you've been safe for MONTHS! Act like it!

    • Same thing that the Roma of Hungary were planning to do with Canada.

      They eventually got deported. Islamists would claim that their "religious freedom is at stake".

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    • Well, yes. That is exactly why the Roma got deported from Canada, too.

    • @mesonfielde fair enough. but anyway, i'm all for helping them if they act like decent folks.

      But they're not. Essenitally hijacking trains, trying to break into the france-england tunnel, throwing away the aid they get... all because they want to get to a BETTER country in EU. The same countries who happen to have a neat little thing called "social wellfare".

      And for anyone not believing they're that shallow, you might want to know this; they went APESHIT when the danish government cut the wellfare for immigrants in half. Money they're given! And they complain about not getting enough?

      I don't know about you, but i cal that two things "opportunism" and "ungratefullness". That's not a good idea when you're an immigrant.

  • I'm in favor but yet again ignorant comments have been inevitable. Ex. Trump claims -If he became president, they're all going back.

  • I'd love for the US to make humanitarian efforts by taking in Syrian refugees.

    The reason why people are against it? Because people who mostly think tribally can be incredibly cold-hearted. They see themselves as a citizen of (fill-in-the-blank country), and anyone who's not in their tribe isn't as important--or worthy--as they are. Thus the whole, "its not our problem" attitude.

    • I would like to believe that we just don't take every type of belief system for granted and as a foundation of a civilized society. They are running from civil war, it is a war they caused themselves. Then we take into account that they are actually running to feed on the welfare of the northern European countries, and they don't plan on integrating into society...

    • yea its kinda sick... I mean one sure fire way to ensure that many of these people end up turning ISIS is to let their whole family die in syrian, giving these people nothing left to loose. From what I've seen some people post on news articles concerning this, its partly due to pure run of the mill racism, and partly due to excessive cultural fears... even though these people are by and large not all that different from the muslims they already let in as immigrants from other middle eastern countries. It's just that people have an excessive fear of ISIS and the boogyman... which is exactly what neocons in the U. S. government want in order to justify sending more ground troops in the region to "deal" with it

  • Bleeding-heart drivel. There is no "moral obligation" to help people from other countries. Syrians would kill any America who washed ashore on their beaches as an interloper and an infidel, so I feel no sympathy for these people.

    On top of that, I don't respect the Syrians who are running because they are cowards. We had a civil war here in the US as well, but there was no mass exodus to Canada when hostilities began. Men from all corners of the nation answered the call and fought for what they believed. Over 2% of the US population died in that war, so it was sanguinary in the extreme. All these young Syrian men who are fleeing have abdicated their responsibilities to their own people, leaving the mess for others to clean up.

    Nope, don't want that trash here in the US. Y'all can keep them in Canada.

    • Half a million iraqi children were starved by sanctions obtained through lies. Over one million Iraqi civilians were killed by invasion. Then we started arming the war lords of the 'Free Syrian Army' to fight a civilian war, so let's talk about responsibilities...

    • @BigJake
      "Syrians would kill any American"
      Did they? How many? When?

  • This whole issue is more anti-Christian than anti-refugee. In America, it is more an imigration issue. We were designed to be the land of opportunity but due to disorganized leadership we have grown defensive as a people. My advice, stand by your beliefs. It is about doing what is right and not being liked. Chances are, if you are liked by the masses you are doing something wrong.

  • If you want "Syrian refugees" so bad, they why don't you move out of your house so a muslim family can have it?

    They have no regard for Western customs or culture, they have horrendus hygiene, and are often fanatical about their religion. What makes you think taking these people into your country by mass quantities is a good idea?

    • dont be dumb. no one here is advocating to move out of their house. Besides, im renting with roommates atm so its not my house to give.. so again, dont be dumb

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    • The us wars drove them out of their country. Ghink about it.

    • @Asker Germany and Britain are forcing their natives to move out of their homes for refugees. Some are doing it willfully though.

  • I'm all for helping them just not having them move into my back yard. Send aid, lots of it! Teach them how to fight and give them weapons/supplies if needed to fight their own war and take their freedom back from ISIS or what ever the radical of the day is. Even help them rebuild after.

  • My concern is that refugees will not return to their country of origin once the conflicts are resolved. There is already a severe shortage of affordable housing in the UK, promoted by successive Conservative governments who are hell-bent on selling off council and social housing without replacing them on a 1 to 1 basis. It's something like 1 new home for every 10 sold.

    In the UK, we already have an immigration problem from the EU, and taking in too many refugees who will take housing away from British people is going to make things a whole lot worse. There is already a huge feeling of resentment, not only against there immigrants, but against the government for sitting on its hands and doing absolutely nothing for its own people.

    These are facts more than opinions.

  • Same reason Japan is refusing to accept arab migrants/refugees.

    We have plenty of problems at home, our government should be focused on helping us, not people with a culture polar opposite to ours from halfway around the planet.

    • And better question, why are the insanely rich oil nations not taking in these people?

  • The problem is once these refugees go to a western country which is totally different to the one they came from, they struggle to intergrate.

    Australia in the 1980's started bringing in a lot of refugees from Lebanon, which ended up being a bad mistake , you now have all sorts of problems which didn't exist before.

    I'm not saying western countries shouldn't help, maybe they should financially contribute some way instead of just creating more problems.

    Countries like Saudi Arabia , Dubai should be taking in these refugees, how about people ask why they aren't doing much? They should fit in a lot better than going to some foreign culture.

  • It's taboo because many think that within the refugees are ISIS undercover and that bringing them here would be dangerous. The sad fact is in today's world that thought is not at all crazy and is a real possibility. So I don't felt we should help "any and every" way we can. But sending medics and food, maybe even clothes would not hurt us and we can help without risking ourselves

    • It doesn't help with everything going on in England. The Muslims shouting through their horn that they are going to take over. Ever once they have been there they have caused problems. Not all of them, but certainly enough.
      The U. S. taking them in is a bad idea.

      But again, as I said. Sending food, supplies. Anything to help them live in their own camps outside the U. S. I am all for, but we have enough problems in our borders to worry about without adding possible new ones to the mix

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    • @Rjroy3
      IAn ISIS undercover terrorist can come in a hundred less controlled ways.

    • @jacquesvol

      Doesn't mean we should accept this one. It's nor like we have a names list of who is who. It was the same thing during the Iraq war. The only way you knew someone was a terrorist was when they started shooting. Many ISIS members are citizens

  • My view is the same view as is the view of my government. We don't have problem accepting people in need, we do have a problem however accepting people who are brought up by a religion of hatred, refuse to assimilate in a country incompatible with their religion, refuse the help that is given to them and demand free care and resources.
    Our country is accepting refugees, those who are not Muslims that is.

    You are free to take them in, if you want your own little Charlie Hebdo situation.

  • Some refugees yes but as long as we're careful about it so as not to let Daesh agents infiltrate our countries.
    As for the men being expendable argument. I'm not an MRA even though they sometimes have good points. The way I see it, if your home is in danger you have an obligation to defend it. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman as long as you are physically and mentally fit.

    Look at how many women joined the Kurds fight against Daesh. It shows that anyone can stand up against evil.

    "Evil prevails when good men fail to act"

  • I am Lebanon, Syria is on our borders.
    The US and Europe have absolutely no idea what they are doing.
    You have no idea that these Syrians are EMMIGRATING.
    There are large, extremely large, areas in Syria where the war never hit. The Syrian people are emmigrating to Europe to stay not because of the war.
    We know the syrians more than anyone. They are the laziest people you could meet. They are given money, shelter accomodations etc...
    Plus Europe will, very soon, know the mistake they committed when they allowed this much emmigrants to enter.
    Most of these emmigrants are ISIS supporters, you will feel their impact sooner than you think.
    I want to share a small information with all of you, number of Syrian "refugees" in some countries:
    Lebanon: 2,000,000 (keep in mind that the Lebanese population is 4,200,000)
    Germany: 800,000
    Hungary: 120,000
    KSA: 0
    UAE: 0
    Qatar: 0
    Bahrain: 0
    None of these rich Muslim coutries ever allowed Syrian refugees
    I will leave you to be the judge

    • What do you think of the claims of Saudi Arabia that they've taken in 500'000 Syrians?

  • I'm from the United States and I am in favor, because meddling by outside powers helped create these problems. Besides, you make more friends by helping people than by sitting on the sideline watching. And you can never had too many friends.

  • My first solution is to simply stop bombing Syria. Syria was fine under president Assad since 2000. All of sudden, in 2011 he becomes an evil dictator. All these states are funding a sunni - shiite proxy war, and yeah your average Syrian suffers. I hope Assad and the government regain control of Syria, so that they can resume living a normal life again.

    • @Watermelonoma If you lost 1 or two friends over this, then they were not your true friends to begin with. I agree we should help with refugees within reason, I think children and women should be prioritized. However, if we don't stop the proxy war occurring in Syria, then we will never see an end to it, and that much immigration does have drastic consequences. Most countries already have a high unemployment rate, social services and medical care services are strained, and immigration does have to be sustainable. Also, I'd like to see the rest of the world step up, why is Europe and Turkey taking on the bulk of the refugees?

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    • @asker Exactly, and I agree. Lebanon is one of the countries taking in many refugees, they are also deeply involved in the conflict itself.

    • Turkey too takes masses of refugees.
      And Pakistan is the country with the highest refugee ratio.
      But the instigator of all this -the US- gets fever about a mere 10,000

  • It's a delicate topic, probably the culture shock is one of the reasons why people hesitate.
    The only thing I'm against is that countries focus purely on accommodating refugees.
    It's important to do that as a first solution for those who are in need of help.
    But the long term solution is to work on the causes... try to create a safer situation in these peoples' home countries :D
    Not easy but essential!

  • Honestly I don't understand why so many people/countries are rejecting them especially countries with tons of space and money. The UN for what it's worth and that much has quite a few member countries, split them up among the countries and make each one take a fair percentage.

    That's fair and it doesn't force any one country to use vast amount of resources I want to help these folks but its hard when no one wants to take them.

  • Im totally fine doing it as the us has and always accept refugees. Its in our hisotry to accept people. But, a lot of the sryians have a very different culture and view on life. Like i said, that would be ok in america because you are not allowed to force your views on people, to each his own. But euopre doesn't want them because once they become big enough, thy are able to get representation. What the hell do you think they will be voting for huh. I dont see how its a moral obligation though. Here in america, its eavery person for themselves. If people are going to do something, its because it helps them. As selfish as that sounds, its just the way the world works. So if countries want to accept them cool, i hope they help a lot of syrians. If they dont, they cannot be forced too.

  • i oppose it because we literally have no idea who we are letting in. Its a classic Trojan horse tactic.

    Our leaders are fucking stupid not to think ISIS would take advantage of this. In fact there are reports that over 4000 ISIS members have entered Europe acting as refugees. Thats not to mention all the rapists and criminals who have come with them.

  • I don't see an issue with it.

  • I fully support taking Syrians in, but only those who will bring something to us.

    That goes for every country they go to: The Nederlands, France, Germany and the UK.

    This is because it's clear it'll be on a permanent basis.

    I don't think it's a taboo at all, I think it's a taboo to say otherwise.

  • This country is already overpopulated. Along with the people, the people bring their problems. So we don't just end up with gross overpopulation we end up with more violence against them, from them, and amongst them. The issue of violence in that region that has been occurring for most of human existence is spreading all over the world. All I'd like is some peace and not hearing about how another race is being put down because their acts of violence are a result of whites somehow...

  • Canada and the US should take more. There are too many tiny countries in Europe that can't handle so many people coming in. ie: Denmark is way too small to deal with that shit. Canada and the US aren't. We already have tonnes of people from the Mediterranean around, a few more won't hurt.

  • I think that everyone is all about helping until it comes to their front door. Then the fear of what happened in Paris coming to town kicks in and you start getting push back.

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