Guys, are you used to a girl controlling her emotions or a girl who lets it all out?

Especially when she's on her period or getting close to it are you used to a woman controlling her emotions because she recognizes when its that time or are you used to the bitchy can't control herself type? Which would you prefer and why?


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  • Well, my girlfriend is already a very emotional person as such, which has a lot do with her culture. She is from South Korea and Koreans are known to have a very fiery temperament (they're sometimes called "the Italians of Asia"). On top of that, she's somebody who lets her emotions out freely when she's on her period. She says that since I'm her boyfriend and since we're so intimate, she shouldn't have to make the effort to control herself because that's even more exhausting than just letting out the emotions. So together with her already fiery temperament, this can be quite exhausting for me too, sometimes ;-). In the beginning of our relationship, it sometimes led to some big and very unnecessary fights. After two years or so, I couldn't really take it anymore and I also knew her well enough to try a new strategy. Now, I always ask her when her period starts and she also doesn't mind talking about it. When I know she's on her period (especially on the first 1-2 days), I deliberately pull back a lot. I'm usually a very sweet and caring and very talkative person but during her period, I make myself become very reserved and quiet. I would mostly just keep for myself, sit on the computer, read or something like that. My girlfriend sometimes doesn't like that because she also feels very clingy and wants a lot of love but I know it's best to stay hard and reject her because if I don't and we start engaging more, we usually sooner or later end up in an unnecessary fight due to her period-temper. It's not always easy to be like this but throughout the years it has proved to be a pretty successful way of dealing with this. Obviously, I would like it better if my girlfriend would control her emotions a little more but I'm not mad at her for it. I also have my cranky moments once in a while and I know how hard it can be to not show it.


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  • Well I'm typically attracted to more sensitive and emotional girls, because 1. I feel more secure and comfortable around people when they expose their vulnerability, and 2. It makes me feel useful and appreciated when i can help her and comfort her.

    But obviously i dont want a girl who screams at me and is a total relentless bitch, because if she is gonna be like that I'll leave and let her deal with her emotions on her own. But if she is feeling vulnerable or emotional, and needs a shoulder to lean on then I'm there.

    (If I'm even answering the question correctly).

  • I'm used to a woman who lets her emotions out , i see no problem in dating a girl who lets her emotional side out.. I can deal with a girl whose cranky not a problem my ex -girlfriends never really expressed much when they were near or on their menstrual cycle but I've handled female friends with their cycles and never was a problem for me.

  • I'm used to one who lets it out
    the dramaaaaaaaaaa D:
    But those were the negative emotions that she'd always express, and those kept getting the best of her so she couldn't reason right

    But I prefer a girl who expresses her emotions, but control Yourself. Don't become the emotion itself

    • Thats how I am I express my emotions but control myself. Like with my ex I would tell him when im pmsing and say 'im about to start so im really irritable and trying to contain myself. Im also very needy so i do apologize for being this way'

      I always try and control myself. I just think its better for me and everyone around me.

    • At least you try.
      She doesn't, if she'd be mad... You need to hear her curse for at least 15 minutes, and you can't get ONE word through her head. Also she doesn't realize that the words she throws at people hurt.

      It was like this
      'Sorry, forgive me?'
      First I was like 'sure, I forgive you'
      But later it'd be more like 'sure' (Wait until next time, this'll all repeat itself eventually) *rolls eyes*

    • Its definetly a hard thing to do. But it can be done.

  • I like it both ways but I also love a woman that's horny during her periods too