This couple was arguing and the guy hit/pushed the girl, should I have done anything about it?

I was at school today and was walking to my car and this guy and girl were infront of me arguinging about there relationship, they departed off to there car but then the girl said something then the guy got mad and pushed her into the car. After that i didn't know what happen cause i kept walking, didn't look back.

Should i have intervened or something? I'm sure the people walking behind me saw too.


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  • I'm sure you should have at least lingered around a little longer, just in case it escalated into something bigger and she got into more trouble. But, don't overthink it, just make sure that if something like that happens again and you happen to be near, just keep your distance, but stay close enough to where you could intervene if you have to.

    • yeah that is true. Next time i will, i want to ask "what is going on here", but didn't want to cause a even bigger problems cause I don't know the full story.

    • Yeah, thats totally understandable that you did not want to interfere in their business, but I know that if I was placed into that situation like you were, I would just stay to make sure she is ok :)

    • next time i will make sure, it kinda sucks when guys do this cause she a beautiful girl and didn't deserve to be pushed like that, it was the guy doing all the arguing too.

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  • Everyone has their own reactions, I always get involved when I see some bullshit like that happen.