Trying my hardest to learn 2, possibly 3 more languages. Any advice?

For 2 of my fluently-spoken languages, on top of English, I had the chance of learning back at school. It took me 1 to 2 years. Ever since I've fallen in love with linguistics and I really have a mind for them.

I would really want to learn Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

My Italian level is very good for someone who has learnt it travelling and meeting italian people. I can understand it almost completely, but when I speak it I mix Spanish and French together, but people usually understand me quite well.

Portuguese (from Portugal) is slightly more difficult for me. I get it most of the time, but it's the pronounciation that I can't get my head around. It feels like all the words in phrases are stuck together lol

For Dutch I've been using DuoLingo. com, which has really, really helped me... but then again the pronounciation is hard. I know the basics and can pronounce the alphabet well and count up to maybe 50

Anyone got some advice?

I can't imagine how cool it would be to speak all these languages and have my children do the same


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  • we can learn any lang. you should just practice


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