Hi, can you can electrocuted from earbuds?

so i have these earbuds and it kind of cracked open, like the glue became weak and opened, so that u can see the wires.
i put it back together by just pressing my fingers to close it, but it opens back sometimes. I don't know what to do, so i was thinking to tape it, but my friends were like "tape can help electricity flow and it can shock you"
and will any of this shock me


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  • You're not going to get shocked. Think about it. The phone, MP3 player or whatever device you plug those earbuds into probably runs on batteries. Do you get electrocuted when you touch the battery? No. The output of an audio amplifier can drive a pair of headphones but it won't do you much harm.

    Rubber and plastic tapes are insulators and they won't conduct electricity. Tape it up and make sure the wires don't touch each other.


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  • Nope the voltage in them is only in the order of a few millivolts. If they are on an iPod or something then you are quite safe. If they are on equipment connected to the mains then if there is a fault in the equipment you could get a nasty shock off them

  • No. The quality of electricity which makes it possible for it to move through your body is it's potential or voltage. The voltage used to power headphones is far too low to shock you.

    It is possible for the energy is a small battery to deliver a shock if the voltage is high enough, stunguns work with ordinary small batteries.


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