Is it that bad to once in a while make up something in a site?

I'm a regular user and once in a blue moon (if I'm not in the mood or maybe even kind of stressed out), I'll make up a story that usually makes others think I'm some kind of mean person.

I'm not mean. I just doing that to get a good laugh basically. For instance, once I made up the story about being an unremorseful cheater (back when I didn't even had a relationship), another time about being poor and so on.

Not always though. Also if there is too much ranting about the opposite gender, I'll become a icy queen for a day and make up another story of a mean girl. It was fun the reaction of the guys. While they were writting all insults, I was LMAO. It's not like they're gonna come and magically reach my screen and get me.

Still does this makes me mean?

an icy queen poster
I do this on the male oriented site. I like making fun of them all, esp the ones claiming themselves to be all tough and alphas.


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  • Well that is the literal definition of a troll so you're definitely that.

    • Yet, I manage to have time for everything. I have friends, family, go out on a couple dates, go to college, stay in fit and still have a bit of time to troll.

      So it can't be that bad.

    • So could a plethora of other trolls.

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  • Wow you have issues

    • You are just a troll who has no life

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    • It's so obvious you are a troll and you are trolling by asking this question. Why can't you get attention in real life?

    • I do. I still manage to have time for everything. I don't troll too often though, only on my small spare time available.

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  • Well, you seem to have too much time on your hands. Like me. I don't make up stories, but I've been here a little over a month and I have almost 200 posts. Maybe you need to find more fun things to do on the Internet, or in real life.

    • Yes, I manage to have time for everything. I can go out with friends, on a date, go to college, spend time with my family and off course troll.

    • Internet it's so safe to troll. As a female, you can mock the opposite sex without actually being concerned about being safe or worrying about carrying a weapon to defend yourself.

    • Haha, well, I've trolled many people back in my day, so it's all good. I know how fun it can be. Just make sure to always protect your identity. Have fun!

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  • No it just justifies negative thoughts about women >_>
    People are that and think "wow women are bitches" so, good job

    • but the laugh is on them... lol
      They listen to online garbage I'm making up rather than not feeding the troll, getting off line and actually meet women in real life. I'm the total opposite in real life of the troll I'm sometimes here.

    • Depends on if you make it obvious