Is this perception?

I know this girl, who I think is sort of pretty/good-looking, but she's really short and insecure.

The guy I kind of liked also liked her. I think that's maybe why I noticed her to begin with, coupled with the fact that she was mean to me.

But after some thought, I was like... well, if she was so perfect, and other people liked her so much, why would she be insecure?

So maybe not all the guys are lusting after her, or not all the girls want to be her friend. Maybe I just feel that way because the one guy I happened to like liked her.


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  • this made no sense... or im just not that high yet... lol

    • Ah. Lol what I meant was, I had developed this complex thinking she's 'better,' than me or something along those lines.

      But now that I think about it... I realize that usually insecure people know they lack something. So maybe people's reactions to her were negative. Maybe I just thought she was the shit because that one guy happened to like her.

    • ahhhh its coming together now. oh yes jealous.
      Everyone has some insecurities and it doesn't quiet matter who wants to be friends with her but its more about you being a little envious at the end of the day because your crush likes the girl, and not so much you, yet she's kinda mean towards you and you don't see what the big deal is with this chick. "Not everyone is going to like the most popular girl in school, she can be the nicest yet humblest person on this planet and there will be one person who dislikes her..."

    • Hmm I think it sort of went like this; I used to feel as though he's more forgiving towards her than he is towards me. And I wouldn't understand why because she was not nice to me.

      Now here's the twist: she was sort of jealous of me. I'm tall, easy to get along with, friendly, and she's sort of quiet and small.

      But when the guy liked her... it made me feel as though people respect her more, because I may be classified as the somewhat goofy category. I don't know lots of guys seem to like protecting short girls thinking they're cute or something.

      But now I think back and realize I never saw anyone treating her particularly well except for that guy and one of the other girls. So I don't know why I thought she stood out so much, except for the fact that he definitely preferred her over me.

      I think it's so hard when the guy you like likes another girl, because it doesn't have to mean she's all that. But that's the way your brain thinks I guess