If you guys get rejected by a girl what are the chances you'll ask her out again?

Sooo... this guy asked for my number and I kind of just looked away. I feel really REALLY bad. Im shy so that doesn't help at all. He was with his friends and they (his friends) were bugging me. He didn't do anythinf but his friends were acting pretty dumb. One even touched me a couple times so it made me really uncomfortable. They were just talking about random stuff then they were talking amongst themselves about me. They kept walking away and talking while looking at me.
Near the end of the period, his friend kept tapping me and when I turned around after the third time, he said "hi, I think you're cute. Can I have your number?" He showed me his phone. I freaked out and just kind of turned around. Like the whole situation was too much. He told his friends he wanted to ask me but after class.
I felt soo bad and I looked away to hide my face because I was turning red. He walked out of there quickly after that.
Do u think he's not going to ask again? I feel so badddd. He was pretty cute but if he would have asked me without his friends then I would've given it to him for sure.


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  • Nope I wouldn't ask again if I was him, but if I was him I wouldn't have asked that way to begin with. I doubt he'll ask again.

    • Yeah his friends made me really uncomfortable. I get it, he probably feels embarrassed and won't ask again. I was thinking of maybe asking him but he'll probably say no.

    • If you ask him in the next few days I highly doubt he'll say no

    • Okay hopefully he doesn't haha or else it's going to be awkward for the two of us. Fingers crossed. Thanks:)

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  • I wouldn't ask again, every girl I've asked out said no. I can read people and their body language showed that they weren't interested at all.

    • Im thinking of asking him for his phone number but I doubt he would give it to me since I kind of rejected him last time.

    • You have your reasons, get him alone and explain

    • Okay thank you.

  • Lol, this is like a scene in an anime. This is bad for you cause this is not a romance anime, real life is about being honest to yourself, aka honest to what you feel

    • I know. The whole situation was bad since the beginning. I would have liked it if he just asked me after class instead of having his football buddies around him to just stare at me. Well it happened. If he doesn't do anything next week, then maybe I'll ask him. He'll probably say no but well then.

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    • Oh Im. really sorry about that. Rejection sucks and I feel really bad about it because I was pretty interested in him. (Appearance wise)

    • I know that feel. The girl I approached seemed to be surprized about it, I am not blaming it on my looks I already got told often enough so. See it as a learning process, the next cutie might get you in a better mood

  • Slightly better than zero


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