Inviting yourself to things? bad or good idea in my case?

I have always had this little voice in my head when it comes to inviting myself to things or just getting invited to things in general. I just feel like im being a burden.. sometime...

I have never had a lot of friends, i have always had one best friend and 3-4 other close friends. And since all my bestfriends have been very social and outgoing people they would get invited to things, and then they would bring me. After i moved just over a month ago i have made friends, but im currently lacking a best friend in my life.

Anyway, the friends i have made my now, excluding one, dont go out drinking or/and they dont enjoy it as much as i do. Until now i have had to invite myself/ask if i can join with my friend that likes to go out, and even though she always says yes and we have a fun time togheter, i feel like im kinda being annoying in a way. What i mean is that if she wanted me to be there she would have invited me, right?

She asked me if i was going out this Saturday,,, but she didn't invite me.. so im not sure if i should invite myself again.. or if i should just not do.. sine you know, she didn't really invite me. Whats yout view on this kind oif situations?


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  • I wouldn't invite myself because she knows you don't have plans and if she wanted you there, she would have said something