How can I avoid seeing a band I can't listen to anymore?

Weird question I know but let me explain. I was in a relationship for a long time with this guy named Be and he broke my heart. Green Day was his favorite band, he'd play it constantly and we'd talk about music a lot as we have the same music taste. I listen to music constantly, and I love Green Day but I just can't listen to it anymore without my heart aching. I keep seeing Green Day everywhere on youtube, facebook, pandora etc and I need to try to get over him, it's been 2 months already and I can't stop thinking about him. I'm hoping that if I can avoid seeing the band everywhere then it'll be easier.

His name is Ben*


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  • If you make for every social media a new account and don't like/subscribe the band, you won't see it.
    I don't know how is to be in this situation, but I think you can do something different in your free time, like drawing, sleeping, watching movies, etc., you won't think of him and without noticing you will move on. o_o

    • everything I do though is plagued with thoughts of him. I can't even go to bed without laying there for hours thinking of him. Literally everything I do I end up relating it back to him.

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    • I can't, all my friends live 6 hours away and my cousin lives with me and she isn't too good with helping about emotions

    • Your parents?