Why do some people that complain about war torn countries in the middle east using religion in the government want religion in their government?

Why do some people in the western world especially America want religion in their government (Christianity) when it looks like religion in the middle east has corrupted the democracy of government in their countries? How does that work? Is Christianity better than Islam? Has there been violence associated with all religions except for a couple like Buddhism? (might have been violence in all I don't know for sure).

  • Because they are religious zealots
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  • Because they want was and think Christianity is superior
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  • Because it is false and really about money and power
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  • because they are blind assholes who want to close their eyes and ears and pretend like they're better than everybody else


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  • "In America" we have a separation of Church & State.

    • For now but if fools like Ted Cruz magically get elected that will end.

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  • Religion is the tool to manipulate people.


  • The same reason you are complaining for, ANYONE can complain for WHATEVER reason.

    • Is this an answer for another question?

    • No.
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    • My guess is these wars keep America free? Funny but I can't recall any American invasion in history not counting the British.

  • The Buddhist and Muslims have had violence conflicts before

    • All religions trend to feel they are superior to another. To me religion can be described like using morphine, to some it may help make them feel better, safer, happier, but to some it is high dangerous. Some Examples are the crusaders, isis, westboro baptist church, mien kampf.
      I choose to be an humanist/atheist.

    • Good answer

    • Thank you

  • There's an inherent difference between Islam and Christianity. For anyone that can't make that differentiation then they're clearly ignorant to their theological which are entirely different.

    Christianity and Islam are religions but that's where the similarities end.

    Christianity is NOT a means of government. It's not a law and doesn't proclaim one. So democracy is perfectly compatible as can be many other legal systems. There's no objective law that it's supposed to follow

    Islam however has its own distinct legal system as taught as a principle core theology called sharia which is its own unique legal system. To be a consistent Muslim means that this is the ideal legal system to follow with no other possibility consistent with the belief.

    Rather than spout bigotry because you're an intolerant anti religious atheist. Why not educate yourself in the beliefs you so vehemently dismiss before forming such ignorant naive questions

    • Wow a perfectly hypocritical answer. Thank you for this. I will proudly display this on my FB to show how typical evangelical nutjobs think.

    • Sure, better than study right

    • You work too hard to sound smart instead of actually becoming smart. Too bad. I guess Ted Cruz for president lol

  • There are people who will kill for no reason at all. Just for the hell of it. Who gives a damn what it's for?