Block Schedules Or All-classes a day?

For those who graduated high school or are in high school, you might get this. I'm just asking about schedules. For those who don't know, a block schedule is when you might have 'A' and 'B', or '1' and '2' days. Basically you have different classes for a different day. What I mean by all classes is every class everyday. Which schedule do you prefer and why?

I personally adore the block schedule. Yes, classes are longer, but I have more classes available to me in the long run, a better chance to get to know the teacher and material, and a day off from a certain class to give me time to recoup. Now, in college, it's also a very good starter for college. You're in longer classes and more classes and have to balance the time off from one day and get the work done as well.

So, yeah, I'm biased. But which do you prefer?


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  • In high school I had the block scheduling which I loved a lot more. The longer classes and shorter amount a day made me feel like I was actually learning something and not overwhelmed as oppose to period scheduling. Plus with the alternating days for block scheduling it gave me less homework considering the difference of classes every day.


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