Wal-Mart experience... I will never shop there again?

I go to Wal-Mart this morning to get a few item's. I am having a good morning and I was looking for a thermometer and one of the sales associates tell me to "open my eyes" like that was rude. I just ignored him and wanted to say something back but I just said whatever.
Then I go to check out and the second associate I couldn't see her and she going to tell me to I can't drive. Like really a second insult. So the next cashier wanted to stand around and be noisy after she told me she was closed. Like Really? Who does this?


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  • Walmart does not pay well or take good care of their employees, so they attract the lowest common denominator who are willing to work such poor conditions.

    • Excuses and more excuses I work not paying well jobs as well! And guess what you have to learn to pick and choose your battles.

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  • Honestly you're the customer, I hate it when people are rude for no reason, and yes maybe they were having a bad day, and have had bad experiences however they should not be treating customers like that and I would have something to say about it to their face. But it was nice of you to let it go x

    • Oh I told the manager because I was insulted like 3 times. I know it's some people who just want to argue with them. I work in customer service I know but Damn you can't pick rights with people and expect customers not to say anything

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  • Best way to handle a situation like this if you’re not comfortable enough to say something directly to them is to speak with their manager. Get a look at their name tag and simply say “I’d like to speak to your supervisor” or you can call back to that location after you leave. It’s kind of dramatic and irrational to blame all of the other Wal-mart locations for the lack of professionalism among employees in that one place. I’ve been to Wal-mart about a trillion times and never experienced something even slightly similar to that. There’s nothing wrong with looking an employee directly in the eyes and saying “You’re being EXTREMELY unprofessional and it’s completely inappropriate.” Hell, after that I’d make sure to get a look at the name tag and even say something like “_____ *insert name* I bet your cooperate office would love to hear how you treat customers.” There is always a superior in a business like that: you never have to take sh*t from anyone who is there to provide a service for you.

    • I'm sorry if you ever look on the news it's always something going on at Wal-Mart. And then I felt like I was being picked on. I didn't even say anything rude or nasty to them. They initiated all the rude comments like really? But when the nasty and rude customer come I betcha they be quiet.

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    • Please have someone to side with me really? I could care less you most be an insider who works for Wal-Mart. I am here sharing my experience that is it! GOOD DAY!

    • …. seriously? You think the only way that someone wouldn’t agree with you is for them to be a Wal-Mart insider? Girl. SNAP OUT OF IT. You are grown azz woman and you’re starting to sound utterly ridiculous. I’m no ‘Wal-Mart insider’ (whatever the fuq that means) , my bullsh*t detector just won’t stop going off the more that you talk. -_-

      All I’m saying is next time don’t let a couple of damn Wal-Mart employees walk all over you and disrespect you. If you are paying money for a service then don’t just lay down and be passive while someone insults you. Use your voice, speak up, be assertive, and take action instead of doing nothing then getting online and bashing the hundreds of Wal-Marts all over the place which you have never been to. -_- Stand up for yourself and handle ish then and there or take steps to make sure your voice is heard instead of doing this passive aggressive ish online. You will feel much better!