Let's share recent embarrassing stories, have one?

I have always been told I look younger than my age (feel free, when you answer, to tell me if that's true). Today, my boyfriend was visiting and we volunteered at my sister's robotics competition. I went to the concession stand to get a coffee since we arrived at 7:30 and I needed a little something to help me get started lol

So I went up to the lady and was like, "Can I get a coffee?" And she goes, "Twelve year olds really shouldn't drink coffee."

Twelve? Do I look twelve to you?

And THEN my boyfriend and I were holding hands while watching a match and they told him, "Your relationship is really inappropriate. Don't you think you're a little old for her? What would your family think?"

They thought that he was his age (20) and was dating a 12 year old.

I'm 22. I'm OLDER than him!

Ugh. So embarrassing. The whole day was just a big pile of nope.

Yeah, I hear it'll be a good thing when I'm older, but you know what? People don't respect children the way they respect adults and to be an adult being paid the respect given to a child is a terrible terrible thing.

But yeah. My life is embarrassing lol - got any stories to make me feel better?


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  • I was not there myself but a collegue of my asked in a meeting, to a collegue "do you remember that management assistant? The one with the big bumb and the face full of freckles".
    The answer was short: "Sure I do, she's my wife".
    Believe it or not... it was the shortest meeting in our company history :o :o

    • LOL! That'd be awkward!

    • Oh yes it was... the guy who had said it was not easily ashame but at that moment he was quieter than the desert in the middle of the night!
      Enjoy the horse rides :D

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  • I get similar things happening to me. I'm always mistaken for being younger than I am.

    I'm an educator. I had a meeting at another elementary school one day. I arrived early, so I went to the teacher's restroom. One of the teachers at that school saw me walking in as she was going out. She gave me the double-take and then said that students shouldn't be wandering the halls or using a teacher's bathroom. I said I was a teacher there for a meeting, and she got the biggest look of embarrassment.

    She thought I was in elementary school, which doesn't have children past the age of 11 by the way. 😓

    • I understand! I got yelled at for being in the hall during class time when I went to pick my siblings up from school once! Do they just not see the car keys in my hand? Or the purse? Or the boobs? Lol

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    • I hate that line lol

    • Join the club. Hahaha.

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  • Not really recent, but back when I was a young boy, I liked to play
    prince and princess with girls, so I would carry them like a princess
    and obviously the adults had to take lots of pictures, which to this day
    are still shared/shown around when opportunity arrises.

    I find it funny and cute rather than embarrassing, though. ^.~

  • How could they think you were 12? You don't look a day over 10. JK. Your picture looks like you are in your later teens, but can't really tell that much.

  • This one time I accidentally woke up with my hands covered in blood. Oops, how embarrassing.


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  • Wow. People are really bold! I am 18 and a few weeks ago someone thought I was in middle school. Another thing is last year I had a pantyliner stuck to the inside of my clothes and I found it and I was soooo happy that it didn't fall out! A few weeks ago I still had the label stuck to my new hat and I wore it in public.

  • You made me remember a scene of a Japanese Drama xD

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