What are the chance of becoming a bestselling author?

I know this may sound like a fantasy, and I know the reality--very few get published, but I don't care, I have to keep trying. Over the past two years, I have been writing and writing (and still do write). I have gotten to the fourth book in my series; I call it "The Nine towers". However, if I supposedly write more than one book, does this increase my chance.
Here is what I have:
1. The Price for Power (246 pages)
2. The Eye of Genesis (300 pages)
3. The Roads of Time (220 pages)
4. The Nine Towers (Current) (Plan to make it the last in the fantasy series)
It has been my dream so far (When I say this, I am quite serious). When books like "The Hunger Games" appear as a bestseller, I don't know why, but it makes my blood boil, my mind becomes hot like embers. It is because I know the writing in "The Hunger Games" is not complex, rather, very simple--so simple that the average reader could understand it. I figured out, it was the idea that made it a world-wide phenomenon, the same can be said with "Harry Potter". But, what do you think, what are the chances?


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  • Don't give up. If you are working hard and taking it seriously then your dream is very much a possibility.

    • I ain't going to give up--even if they reject me--even if the world rejects, I won't. I'll prove them all wrong, those who laughed at me. . . everyone. . .

  • "so simple that the average reader could understand it" -That is why they are best-selling books.

    If the average reader can't understand it, then you won't become a best-selling author. Why? Guess how many people have to read a book for it to become best-selling. Millions. Most of those people are going to be average readers. You can be a best-selling author (Stephen King, JK Rowling, etc) or a highly acclaimed literary author (David Mitchell, Chuck Palahniuk, Thomas Pynchon, etc.) but your chances of being both are very, very slim because they appeal to much different audiences.

    Keep writing. The more you keep at it, the better you will get.

    • (Grinning), No matter how slim, I believe. Never shall I give up. You can bet your ass on it.

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