Why are people shyer around me and why am I never anyone's first choice?

Why are girls and guys shyer around me than they are other people? Im not saying all girls and guys but a lot of people that I have encountered are this way. I try talking to them to make them feel more comfortable but it feels like whatever I do, they are still shy.

Also why am I never anyone's first choice? Especially with guys I feel like I'm their backup incase the one they want won't date them.


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  • How do you know they're shier around you, and not the other way around?
    You're the common denominator in all these instances, after all. Even if you try talking to them just once, if someone's shy they'll need a bit more time to start getting comfortable around others.

    • I don't try to talk to them just once. I've been trying to talk to them since I started my job almost 2 years ago. And I see the way that they are around other people because I work with these people.

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    • But why would they not act closed off towards other coworkers but act that way to me?

    • maybe they all hang out together after work, or knew each other previously.

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