Why do I keep having nightmares about this? Please Help?

I don't know what to do I always have this bad feeling every guy I'm interested in will like my sister instead and leave me. I can't explain it. It happens with every guy even when they assure me they have no feelings whatsoever for my sister and only like me. I can help but be sensitive about it. Like they will choose her over me like my father did. Its getting worse and I really like this guy and I'm not sure how he feels about me and I keep getting the feeling he likes my sister just like I did with my other boyfriends even though they Never Ever did like her. Its my insecurity and it keeps haunting me. I really care for this other guy now yet I keep getting these nightmares of her and him together. Could it mean anything? Is my gut trying to tell me something. Its driving me crazy. Please help!


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  • Be calm nd jus be sure that every man wouldn't be like your father nd see none of your ex did what you were afraid of.. so dont let it get over.. at the same time if you want these thoughts to go away then try to get his interest yourself so that he don't needs liking any other girl or your sister.. keep his interest in yourself.. i think you know how to do that.. don't you?

    • No I don't. How would I do that?

    • Well take it to a new level of physical pleasures.. show your love.. your interests.. be romantic on time but dont jus fall over him.. it'll make him bored.. be casual but show your love too

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