Lazy Roommate and Identity Theft?

My roommate and I just got into a very heated argument.

Here is some back story. My roommate, my boyfriend and I have lived in our home for over a year. The house belongs to my boyfriend aunt. We fixed it up together and found the roommate on craigslist. For a year I cleaned after the roommate and my boyfriend. I don't mind cleaning after my boyfriend. I take care of inside of our home. He takes care of outside ( he's doing yard work right now). But I get very angry when I'm treated like a maid by the roommate. After a pretty major incident ( which I'll get to) I decided she's not getting a free ride anymore. I made a chore list for all three of us. She refuses to help with chores because she "doesn't use the other rooms as much. That seems like a lazy, immature excuse to me. I used that line with my parents as a teenager and their response was "you still live here. Take pride in your home." Should she help clean regardless? I'm not asking her to tidy up our mess everyday. But EVERTHING gets dusty and dirty and needs a deep cleaning every so often. What I'm really mad about is that she doesn't work and is home ALL day and out all night. She leaves disgusting dirty dishes with food in the sink and argues with me when I text her to ask her to clean it. (I would only text her after a couple days of her mess sitting. I'm not a maid.

Last year she brought a guy over and he kinda lived with us for about a month. He stole my identity! A year later I had to file a police report in a different city. The police officer needed her birthdate to tie the parties together. She refused and made excuses about not being able to reach the office. I tried everthing, the officer even tried calling her. She just dodged the issue.

1. Should she help clean even if she doesn't use the other rooms as much.

2. Do you tthink she helped steal my identity?

I didn't have room to mention that my roommates phone number is listed on the fake loan application as her friends employment phone number. Isn't that weird? isn't employment the first thing that will be checked on a loan apication?


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  • Kick her out! Now!


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