Girls, can makeup look attractive on a guy who wears glasses?

The makeup that i use include foundation, mascara, eyeliner and pink/red lipstick.

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  • well do you look feminine :o or do you have a manly face

    • I guess it depends. I look more feminine with longer hair (up to shoulder length) but sadly my school doesn't allow boys to have longer hair. So i only have oppurtunities to keep my hair longer during long school holidays. by the way i'm not the athletic type of person nor am i muscular either. Well in general what do you think? Does makeup look weird on the guys that you know?

    • a lot of the guys i know are drag queens they look beautiful in it

    • ty for the MHO :D

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  • yeah as long as you are applying it well, poorly applied/ way to much make up looks bad on anybody

  • Who cares whether it looks attractive or not, just do whatever makes you happy, dude.

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