HELP!! Stretch marks all over my legs and I've been working out?

I used to have just a few on the side of my thighs, but I was never overweight. I have always been a normal size, and I know that some stretch marks are normal, but it seems like mine just continue to get worse!
I've been working out and I've noticed my legs becoming more toned, but also little white stretch marks forming litterally down to my knees! It's like a bunch of thin little white rivers flowing down to my knees!
I've purchased Palmers tummy butter and I've been putting it on all over my legs 3 times a day, but I still see stretch marks forming!
What do I do? Do I slow down on the working out? Any cheap stretch mark creams that will work? Pleaseeeeee help

I am aware that stretch marks don't go away, but is there anything I can do to prevent them from getting worse?


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  • I think some stretch marks happen because of a sudden or a lot of increase or decrease in weight. They are very normal, I think most girls have them. I have them. I am not sure of other reasons why they might happen but yeah... Its okay dont worry too much about it.

  • It's caused by the exercise, it's normal.

    • So do I stop working out for a while?

    • No. Stretch marks never go away. They just become lighter. I have them in my stomach due to pregnancy, I had them for years.