If I ask out a girl I like randomly do you think she will reject me?

What would be your reaction if a girl in your class ask you out?


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  • I would either accept or politely turn them down. Now if you are a girl asking out another girl that could be a little trickier. I did ask out a girl once only to find out she was a lesbian… that was a little awkward but I got a cool friend out of it.

    • really? Its really hard to tell if a girl bi or lesbian or str8... err... i feel like it would make my class a bit awkward..

    • Yeah, asking someone out is never easy but if you don’t do it you will never know. You could start out a little less awkward and just ask if she is into girls first.

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  • Depends on if you know the girl well or not. I always reject a date from a stranger but if we've made a bit of small talk and I'm attracted to him i'll tell him we can hang out at friends. Some girls are okay with dating strangers, some not so much.


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