How do I fix my Beats Studio2's?

Only the left earcup works and I tried taking the cord in and out, flipping the cord but I only got it to work for a few seconds by messing with the right earcup.


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  • I take it they're out of warranty? If they're still covered (either by the warranty or by your credit card's protection plan), get a replacement set pronto.

    Beats are pretty notorious for quality issues. Could be anything. Standard thing in this situation is to clean shit--the plug, and the outlet you're using. Might help. See what's loose. Only open the phones up if you're 100% comfortable with working on electronics. Otherwise it's a no-no; putting a an electrically live device in direct contact with your head can ruin your whole day.

    Maybe see if a friend who does electronics (like computers) can check the innards. Good luck man. :)

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