For all you religious people out there, what do you think of Sid Roth?

Whats your opinion on Sid Roth? Do you think he's legit or a fake? Some of the peoples stories on his show I find a bit hard to believe in this day and age, but you neve know nowadays... Anyway, whats yor opinion?

  • I think he's legit and I believe all the people on the show.
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  • I think he's a fake.
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  • Some stories are real, while others, not so much...
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  • Only God knows weather he's legit or not...
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  • If you think hard enough you can believe anything

    Dont you know the human brain is just a perception of our world... you give it drugs it changes, you believe your sick some people might get sick

    If you believe something strong enough, it becomes your reality... simple

  • A) the bible is an accumulation of abrahamic scriptures, archived letters and hate mail. it was never intended to be a religious text and is at best a series of opinion peices offhandedly recorded, originally passed via word of mouth that supposedly came from people who at one point knew jesus; or as he was really called, yeshua, because they didn't have a j back then. yeshua as in joshua.
    B) the book of revelations was written by a pissed off john of patmos after being exiled and was a series of metaphorical and allegorical cheap shots at the roman empire and specifically nero, and should be taken with a grain of salt
    C) many books and scriptures were left out because a bunch of royal assholes who just up and declared themselves the authority on what was and wasn't canon based on their opinions and beliefs, and they themselves were super ignorant so even if you believe the teachings of christ to be divine you should still take the entire bible with a grain of salt. this has happened at both councils of nicea, the councils of trent, constantinople, the synod of hippo, whitby, dort, the king james version, and i know i'm forgetting some but the point is there is a long line of people manipulating it to their own ends starting with the very first apostles to ever meet jesus, and ending with but surely not limited to this sid roth character, who no doubt is straight up ignoring the bible altogether and preaching whatever the bloody hell he wants to, which is likely whatever lines his pockets, which is likely just whatever people want to hear. and while i really dont have a problem with the teachings of christ, its good advice whether he was god like or not--the entire fucking christian church, ESPECIALLY clowns like sid roth, can suck a great big holy dick

  • I am not religious but grew up with religion, after looking into him seems like he is fake

  • I have no clue who that is, but my guess is that he is fake


      Its basically a show where people tell about their experience with God.

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    • really I want to hear your experience with god that makes you so certain you believe in him

    • He's done many things for me and has worked his maracres ☺

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