WHY do people always ask "WHY" a Crocodile / Lion / Shark etc Attack people?

IT seems the general concensus is that human beings are so above the food chain that other animals SHOULD acknowledge it and therefore not ever intend to attack us for food the same way they would attack ANY other animal.

Why do we tend to assume there must be something wrong or a particular reason why a shark would attack us when we're swimming.

How about... because it was hungry and we were available?


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  • Yeah I never get this, it's like the animal is doing something wrong. If a human is in that animals habitat then that animal has the right to eat it without its actions being questioned, people seem to forget it's a wild animal, it has no concern for other species welfare.


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  • They are just very very different from most creatures that we come across in the world. They seem like monsters out of a fantasy world because of how remarkably different they are from us and how powerful they are. To people it just feels like they're part of a different world so it's hard to comprehend when we find ourselves in the same space as them.


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  • Haha I don't really wonder

    Some bite out of curiosity, others cause hungry, others just because they're scared
    Some mistake you as prey
    Or people are foolish enough to go into to swim in their hunting area or how you'd say it.
    I once heard of a guy jumping into crocodile infested waters, and got eaten on the spot

    I ask 'why, people?'

  • Yeah, that always bothered me. Like when people say stuff like the waters were "shark-infested" when it's actually human-infested. Last time I checked, sharks live in the ocean. What would you do if someone broke into your house?

  • Because it doesn't happen all the time. For example a car accident... no one asks why a car accident kills peopel since it happens so often and everywhere but we don't encounter sharks and crocodiles on a regular basis. So when they do attack us we want to know why a particular person was attacked...

    • the difference between car accidents and people dying from shark attacks is. There are 7 billion people on the planet. 95% of the planet lives where car's are present. 40% of people on the planet live on a coastal city.

      Some people make the argument that "you're more likely to get struck by lightening than attacked by a shark".

      Put 100 people in the water where sharks are present and 100 people on land and we'll see which is more likely to have more fatalities.

    • Not evey person who goes into a body of water will get attacked by a shark. That's why we don't understand why a particular person was picked to be eaten by a shark and not another person

    • that's because there's significantly more people than sharks and the fact that not everyone goes swimming, goes deep, or even goes in the water when sharks are there. sharks aren't always present just because it's the sea

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