Why are lights always flickering around me?

Ok I know that sounds hella weird and u think I'm crazy but i noticed a pattern in it every time I think of a certain thing it flickers like the other day in the girls locker room I was mad at my friend and all the lights like flickered and went off for a second amd came back on than in math class I was mad and the light above me flickered and the lights always flicker around me and imma be 16 in a few weeks and last week I touched a lamp and it shorted out wtf is happening I'm not going crazy am i

And when my phone screens about to shut off I'm about to touch it and it lights back up and I didn't even touch it


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  • This is probably the result of something called the "confirmation bias." It is mental shortcut that helps the brain create schemas to understand it's relation to the world.

    It works by reconfirming pre-existing beliefs through real world examples that demonstrate the validity of a belief, while examples that contradict the belief are discarded, unnoticed, or go un-evaluated leaving the existing belief unchallenged.

    For example: You may think a number is lucky, let's say 7. Anytime the number 7 appears during a seemingly lucky situation, you reenforce your belief that the number is lucky. However, you may neglect the times that the number 7 was present in UN-lucky situations, or the times that the number 7 didn't bring about anything lucky at all, or the lucky times that numbers other than 7 were present.

    This cognitive bias extends further, for instance, now when you think of that certain thing, you may go looking for a flickering light, not realizing there may have been one flickering the whole time.

    You can actually test the validity of your belief. Sit in front of a light and try to make it flicker. I bet you won't be able to.

    On the off chance that you are actually right and your body is affecting the lights, it may be something in your physiology. You may have some charge or magnetic field that affects circuitry... I've heard of things like that but never took the time to research the facts and I am skeptical it is true.


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  • You're going to get very little help on this one here with people being sarcastic and rude. They hide behind profiles and troll insulting people as they go. It is very possible that you release energy in a physical way. I don't know much about it but if you believe in paranormal or even mediums then perhaps it is you or someone watching over you. It could be coincidence. It's like some people have such a close bond they pick up the phone just before a loved one calls. You could be an emphatic. If you can flicker lights while you are calm then maybe you are.


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  • You obviously have super powers that you need to develop and become a super villain. Duh.

  • Too many cartoons for you little one

    • I don't watch tv 😑

    • And just so u know I'm not fucking lying I'm freaking out

    • Yea im sure you dont watch tv lol... youd probably turn it off bt trying to turn it on

      Did you tell your parents?

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