Could he find out that I'm fooling him on kik?

A guy really hurt me, so I want revenge by creating a fake kik and just fool him. I won't do anything illegal (like stealing someone elses pic). I just wanna let him feel what I felt!! But is there any way he can find out that it's me? I'm intending to create a new fake email, only for that account. And of course I won't enter my phone number. Is there any way he could track me?

I know this is kinda pathetic but I just want to laugh at his expense.


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  • You're just wasting your time, move on.

    If he's not emotionally invested, he'll never be hurt by anything you come up with.

    • That's not what I'm intending to do. I know he doesn't care about me ANYMORE. But trust me, this WILL hurt him. I know him very well.

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