What are you like?

Saying good stuffs about your self will make you feel good and the other hand saying bad stuffs about your self help you learn your mistakes and become a better person you are. Let's start, my personalities are:
1. Perfectionist
2. Clumsy
3. I'm thankfully kind to other people, courtesy of other peoples
4. I can't stand other people being sad, while I'm all happy
5. Forgetfullness


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  • 1. Meticulous
    2. Apathetic to others whom I don't know
    3. Kind to others when needed or if I know them
    4. "I can't stand other people being sad, while I'm all happy" literally the same thing for me. I always felt bad if others felt bad - hence why I never took part in, say, my classmates dissing another classmate because I felt bad for them :(
    5. Stubborn in a good way.


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  • 1. I'm basically a decent Person. I respect everyone unless they give me a reason not to
    2. I'm a good listener, many have told me this
    3. I can also be quite a harsh bitch if I am in a sour mood
    4. I am basically a responsible person
    5. I believe in gender equality. And that means I'm willing to pull my own weight and not expect guys to "take care" of me
    6. I suck ass at math and the likes but am good in languages
    7. apparently people think I'm good with kids. Even though more often than not I don't have the patience for them
    8. In certain things, I'm a risk taker
    9. I am often tactless in action and in words