I'm woried about my friend, but I can't say anything about it?

My friend usually has over over jealous, contorling, possive girlfirends. They say things that people would usually see as a red flag, but, he doesn't. Most of his relationships crash badly beacuse of this. I can't tell him anything beacuse I know that if he tells his girlfriend what I said, she's going to twist what I said and make it sound bad and make him hate me. I known him for 13 years (since I was 5) and his friendship is very valuable to me. What should I do?

I am reluctant to tell him anything because he knows I have feelings for him and migth mistake my worry for jealousy.


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  • are you friendly with his parents?
    i would suggest talking to them about it, they probably share the same concerns and may be able to approach him about it

    • His mom was concerned about that last few girls he was with, and I can't contact her. (They live in another country and she doesn't have facebook) and even if I did tell his mom, she doesn't have control over it. He's 20 years old.

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    • i was that way too, he will have to learn for himself, hopefully he can wise up soon enough, before he has heart broken

      good luck, you seem like a great friend

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  • Everyone has a type and unfortunately this is something he's just going to have to learn for himself

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