How do I get over self esteem issues with women?

So I don't dislike myself or the way I look. I just feel like girls don't find me appealing as a potential partner. This has given me little hope for finding a relationship and I feel like giving up. I just don't feel like trying. I don't want to ask anyone out because feel like there is no point if you already know the answer. How can I get over this. How can I feel like a girl would like me if no one ever has. I'm not even depressed or sad I just feel like I'll never have this type of connection with anyone because no one wants to date me. But I also don't want to go back to being alone. I've dated and talked to people for like two months only to have them no longer be interested. All they say is there is someone out there for you. But I feel like there isn't. How do I feel better about my appeal to women as a person?


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  • The only way you'll feel better is to find someone. Ur not ugly or unattractive. But the way u feel might show in ur personality which might out girls off a little bit. Just b confident and go for what u want :) its not as bad as u think...

    • I see your point. And I'm very quiet unless around family or close friends. Thanks good advise

    • Yea I know its hard to put urself out there... but once u do you'll feel so much better!!!

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  • At first I used alcohol. After a long period or self improvement I stop caring what women thought of me, and then the women started to become easy.

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