I dont know what to do?

So me and my boyfriend came back from Austin because we were being kicked out of the apartment because someone told the front desk people that we were moving. so we had no place to go but go to his dad's. His dad barely got a girlfriend he met 1 time at new york and she has a daughter. We had to sleep in the living room. Now the girlfriend wants my boyfriends dad to kick out his only son that he hasn't seen in 3 years and me. So at the end of October we are going to move out and go to Austin again to look for a place. But we don't have an apartment over there. So im guessing we are going to sleep in the car. And i don't want to sleep in a car thats hot outside and full of stuff in the car including our snakes. I want to be there for my boyfriend but I don't want to leave because we don't have anyone who will help us in Austin. But help in Houston because of family. I just dont want to live homeless and work and come back to sleep in a car without a shower or bathroom or food and water.


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  • Well firstly, i'm sorry to hear that but i think the only way in which you can sort this out is by getting together and coming to a conclusion about what you two are going to do. I mean, is there any way that his dad can let you stay? I mean i'm sure he doesn't have a problem but his girlfriend does. Despite that though, i'm sure he wants his own privacy and you two seem old enough to manage by yourselves. See what works best and take everyone into consideration. I think that's the best way to do it. You could rent a place or something, i don't know much about how it works but sit down and research it. Build up a bit of money and then i'm sure you can get a place together. Sorry, if that wasn't very helpful. Just a personal opinion though

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