Guys why are you acting up like this?

There is this guy. We go to the same school and we dont see each other quite often NOW as we did cause of my work and all. Working a bit too often lately. But before it was like he was looking at me all the time and wouldn't be discreet about it. He actually never took his look away from me until he couldnt look no more (an object came in the way or someone stopped him for a chat) Guys, come on. Whats the deal? If he has an interest why couldnt he just come up to me and talk? It isn't that I would reject him or embarass him. He does see that im a social girl and i am not rude.. These things he has to have observed. Im always smiling and I dont think I scare him in any way..

Yes, I think I am attracted to him. He is a hunk. But in some way, I dont know how to feel about this. I just want him to take the STEP if thereĀ“s something he either wants to say or is just simply interested.

So guys, why all the staring, the looks, intense eyecontact, the flirting attitude, the vibes or so called signals you send over to a girl just to NOT do anything about it? Why torture a soul like this?


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  • Have you considered the fact that he is shy or introvert? It's not that easy to make the step. Also, are you giving him signs for him to take that step?
    If he is shy, it takes literally all the courage in the world to do something like this.
    Have you considered being you the one who takes the step, since you are "a social girl and not rude" ?


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