Should I tell the landlord?

I just found this great apartment that I really like. Today I signed the lease but now I'm wondering if it was a mistake. I'm a very quiet person and I usually don't like company anyways. But I do have a boyfriend with a criminal background. I didn't tell the landlord that I was in a relationship so he probably doesn't expect me to have anyone over besides family. And he made it clear that his daughter lives downstairs and the house is private domain so he doesn't want lots of ongoing traffic in the house. Which is understandable because I am the same way. I feel like I have to at least say something about my boyfriend because I don't want to jeopardize anything. I just really like this house and I don't know how to tell the landlord without him changing his mind and telling me I can't move in. Help.


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  • If you signed a lease, he can't kick you out. You don't have to tell him you have a boyfriend. It sounds like he didn't want to rent to someone who would have huge parties, which doesn't sound like you.

    • But he said he doesn't want someone living there whose not on the lease. Although my boyfriend isn't living with me, he will be spending the night often I don't want that to be a problem.

    • Having someone living there that isn't on the lease probably would break your lease, but having an overnight guest wouldn't.

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  • It's none of his business.

    • Right I agree. But should I at least tell him that my boyfriend will be over sometimes? That way if they see a man there they won't feel uncomfortable.

    • I wouldn't go out of my way. Be respectful of his wishes for quiet and be sure you meet the requirements of the lease. If in passing it comes up then you can explain who he is, but don't open yourself up to allowing input from your landlord on who you can have over.

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