Why do people like sensationalizing the truth by filling stories with lies?

Politicians and news reporters do it all the time. And if a buddy spills a drink on their floor, someone (maybe a neurotic person) might say he threw the bottle against his wall before passing out in a drunken heap on their floor. Why do some people love filling stories with such outlandish and absurd lies? Cause in my opinion people that do that are toxic, and maybe enjoy playing the victim, instead of being honest and logical.


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  • Scales inside human skin bro. I'm feeling the gumbi profile pic.

  • Well it depends on the situation. I can see politicians saying crap like that being a problem.

    But sometimes, it just makes a better story to entertain your friends with. Lighten up.

    • Well when I was at work, a customer said I was calling him racial slurs and threatened to beat him up, and since I have a reputation of being really approachable and good with people, they knew he wasn't being honest. His story was to full of BS to be believable. But it still caused me some inconvenience.