What is up with my guyfriend?

So my guyfriend years ago, said he doesn't want to be with anyone. I had a huge crush on him but I just gave up. So now he's getting closer. he's now worried about me suppressing my feelings, and that it will make me sick. Im not worried about that. One time he ignored me on purpose, and I felt a certain way, and he asked me if I wanted to be more than friends. I said no. And I dont like him and now he's not talking. Is he playing games?


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  • What is the "certain" way you felt when he ignored you, specifically?

    • I was concerned firstly, but than I got a little up set, but hey he gets upset when I dont call him. And I get upset when he doesn't text me as much.

    • So,... why don't you both just have sex already and get it over with? Because both of you clearly have some really weird and misguided tension happening.

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