How to overcome social awkwardness?

I feel like people think I'm a total oddball because I don't interact with people well. I suck at making new friends and I've never been in any kind of relationship. I was wondering if anyone has any tips to overcome this.


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  • You have to take more chances and risk now because if you don't try to change now it will only get worser when you are older. True people are always judgmental and you will be judged. But try being positive and friendly. I think if people get that vibe from you they might gravitate towards you. Also I find it hard to believe that no one in all of your classes doesn't talk to you and try to be your friend. Enjoy your youth years. Join a sport or club in school of something that interests you. These are quick ways to meet nes people and make friends. Also pick a fun elective to take of something you enjoy and friends will come. Remember if you think you can make friends and meet people it will happen. Don't give up hope.

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  • Start slow, maybe join a few clubs etc you're interested in. That way you'll already have things in common with people in the club. :)


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  • I'll tell you when I know.


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