How do you overcome such bad mental illnesses and do you cut people out of your life because of them?

Okay so I am 24 and I have very bad mental problems which I have experienced since young. I have been through a lot of bad things to in past which probably has caused this. I am very insecure very bad I'm slim but I see myself as flabby and fat and cealite I hate every inch of my body. I hate my face I hate my nose. I'm paranoid I smell , I have ocd really bad too I have adhd where I cannot focus my attention on things and get very bored of subjects and change them. I am scared in going to die 247 im always up the hospital thinking I'm dying. I have pains in my head and chest where I'm so stressed I feel I'm trapped in a box and I need to breath. I have bulimia where I throw up after I eat. I have health anxiety too. i have an obbession with hiv. I have very very bad trust issues too. And I'm seeing someone at the moment I have such strong feelings for him I have been seeing him for 9 months but I can't get naked infront of him and I go all weird when we have sex and walk out room but I'm going to be so hurt to break it off with him. And he has such high sex drives and keeps asking me to get naked but I can't. Do I break it off before I end up so hurt because he's bored of me or do I go get help is there someobe who can help me overcome this?


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  • First of all.. dear girl never think that you're inferior to someone.. always think yourself to be the best.. believe in yourself.. you're such a good looking girl with beautiful nose.. Im sure :) so dont think yourself to be like.. Im not capable.. because you're nd you're much better than many peoples around you.. have confidence in you :)
    have a proper diet nd take medication to avoid health problems.. Okk?
    Now about your relation? Relation's never about getting naked..
    If you can't do it.. leave him.. see he loves your body nd your heart or jus your body.. if you can't get nude nd it makes him leave you.. he's not the right guy :) nd you deserve someone much much better :)


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